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Cup-tie, bowtie, or a bowtie is a type of tie with a looped, or looped and straightened, top section.

The bowtie was a popular alternative to the Windsor knot before the 1920s. It was the first truly popular alternative knot to be used for what is now known as a “tie knot”. The bowtie was introduced to the U.S. in the early 1930s by advertising agencies and department stores.

Typically an even smaller bow is found at the tip of a typical Windsor knot; that knot is commonly referred to as a “half-bowtie”.

A full-sized bowtie may be used in place of a necktie, or on its own, as was often the case during the American blues era. It is also a popular way to indicate fraternity membership or house association allegiance.

It is not to be confused with the “Hollywood” bowtie, which resembles the bowtie but has a longer straight section and is worn with a longer shirt-collar knot.

See also
Bowling tie
Three-cornered hat


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Category:Types of jewellery

How to define and access this structure variable in a derived class method?

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Saturday, March 22, 2006

The problem I have with the spanking myth is not that the nanny state *should* dictate spanking. The problem is that it would be best if parents could be trusted to do so. The real spanking problem is created by those who are not parents, and who can’t really be trusted with anything.

When I see a grandmother spank her child because she had to leave the room for a moment, I feel sorry for the child. When I see a neighbor spank her child because she was acting up, I feel sorry for the neighbor. When I see the same neighbor spanking her child because she was being unruly, I feel sorry for the neighbor. When I see adults beating or spanking children (or grown-ups, for that matter), I feel pity for the adults, but the children deserve this. And no matter how they were raised, children are children, with the same nervous system, metabolism, hormones, and developmental needs.

A spankin’ child’s need is not more or less important than a child who is spanked for something less obvious (like being needlessly unkind), so I don’t believe spanking and discipline should be limited to the obvious ‘naughty’ stuff.

But even though children deserve to be spanked in the clear case of being unkind, I don’t think children deserve to be spanked by the other cases. The child should get spanked when he or she needs it, but not more than once, and not for several minutes. If you hear a child crying and you intervene, and the child is not crying out of fear or pain, you can stop. If you think a child really needs a spanking, because you know the child isn’t acting out of fear or pain, and the child’s needs are very clear, stop. If you hear a spanking noise, whether that noise is the sound of a child falling to the floor, or it’s the sound of the hand smacking against the child, and you hear a cry, that’s reason enough to stop

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