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Beltcomp Crack+ For Windows [2022-Latest]

Advanced Mechanical IFTF and Belt Optimizer. From a team of experienced mechanical engineers. Belt Comp saves us money, time and energy. We are making it easy for you to design a belt conveyor faster.
Belt Comp helps you to do the design in far easier way, allowing you to ignore the pitfalls of using existing software that gives only basic design capabilities. You get many important features at your disposal such as the ability to import an existing belt design, and a variety of advanced new features for design and optimization.
Belt Comp utilizes the latest computer technology and the greatest minds in belt conveyor design to provide you with the solution to all your belt conveyor design and optimization problems.
Version 1.2 allows you to design and analyze a belt drive with all of the qualities you need – immediately!
What’s New in Version 1.2:
*Now you can import a belt design!
*We have added a simple belt sag to remove some of the complex math.
*You now have the option to lock the speed, and then export your configuration to Excel.
*Added a clearer user interface and a better way to display your data.
*Exporting output now includes a copy of the plot and includes the printer ready format.
*Beltcomp Crack Mac v1.2 features the following improvements to the design quality:
– Option to speed up to test stiffness.
– Option to calculate static stiffness for test analysis.
– Option to use stations, rather than individual sections, for test analysis.
– You can now calculate over-capacity and reel inefficiencies.
– The database can now accept an unlimited number of drives in addition to the existing limitation of five.
– Better validation of all inputs.
– Improved performance and accuracy of calculation.
– Better error checks during input.
– Improved efficiency and accuracy of the printouts and plotting.
– Printing now is in a more convenient and user friendly format.
– Better guidelines for entering the data.
– You can now add drive location including speed, tension, and drive type.
– You can now lock and update speed for a single drive.
– A filter option to select the design station.
– Redesigned database to show condition status.
– The ability to calculate a variety of calculated outputs.
*BeltComp is a powerful belt conveyor design software that has earned an enviable reputation for being the most powerful and reliable belt conveyor design software available.

Beltcomp [32|64bit]

Beltcomp is a powerful computer software for design and analysis of materials handling conveyors.The purpose of this software is to help the belt conveyor engineering to design and analysis using a simple procedure. It is designed for materials handling companies as well as materials handling engineers.
Beltcomp package consists of two parts; One part is ISO/DIN standards and other is software capability to design and analysis of belt conveyors.
Beltcomp outputs include Kinematics, Load Case, Load Calculation, Analysis and Profile Sketches.
The software design of a belt conveyor includes:

■ Conveyor Loading Simulation

■ Conveyor Safety Features

■ Conveyor Unloading Simulation

■ Conveyor Overload Simulation

■ Run Report And Analysis

■ Graphs And Charts

■ Load-Case

■ Load Calculation

■ Damping

■ Direction

■ Position

■ Overload(full load)

■ Dampening

■ Conveyor Functionality

■ Conveyor Design

■ Check

■ Export

■ Graph

■ Charts

■ Analysis

■ Locking mechanisms

With a powerful and easy to use software like Beltcomp you can save a lot of time and money.
Beltcomp is based on the patented loader modelling technique which is in use in many industries for years.

Design of a belt conveyor is a critical process for any materials handling company and it is imperative for getting an accurate and cost effective design
By using Beltcomp, you can save money and time and improve your productivity.

Beltcomp can be downloaded for free.There are detailed instructions on how to use the software.
Download the software now and enjoy the many benefits of using it.

The author accepts no responsibility for or makes any warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this web site.Q:

Bevel Edge action is not working

When i try to assign a bevel edge action to my edges it doesn’t work. but when i try to assign a cursor action it works?


In Object mode, you

Beltcomp Crack [32|64bit]

Beltcomp is a powerful computer software package introduced to enable materials handling design engineers with belt conveyor design and optimization. Beltcomp is highly dependable software to provide consistent, accurate and cost effective belt conveyor designs.
This software is based on ISO/DIN/IS method of belt conveyor calculations and is used metric units.
Beltcomp data input is easy and it can cater for complex conveyor geometry including uphill and downhill configurations. It allows design of any length of belt conveyor without limit. The conveyor can be divided into as many as 20 stations (19 sections) as desired. Full loading, partial loading or unloading of any section is permitted for running special conveyor loading simulations. Fully empty condition is automatically calculated with any other condition. Any load case can be run to simulate any operating condition. In-built check features alarms and ensures data entry error to a great extent. Editing of data is also very easy.
Beltcomp provides a supreme feature of allowing any number of drives at virtually any pulley location. It also allows providing of brake on any pulley.
Beltcomp provides a very useful feature of exporting input data, output data, profile sketch and tension plot to an Excel file which can be saved and used for submission or any other reference.
■ 15 days trial period

The software allows you to easily design and calculate the belt loops for your conveyor.


1. Support for both Metric and English units.
2. Beautiful outputs that you can export to DXF.
3. Multiple hotkeys for faster processing.
4. Simple and easy data input, sorting, labeling and exporting.
5. Can run only specific section of your belt.
6. Can input any number of drives and brakes at any pulley.
7. Can also set any angle of belt for acceleration and deceleration.
8. Supports both belt material and width.
9. Can calculate the roller gap using any number of gears.
10. Support for multiple motors.
11. Can calculate the tension for your design.
12. Can also calculate the coefficient of friction for various belt materials.
13. Can show the pressure surface of a belt.
14. Can show the run time to measure efficiency.
15. Can export various outputs to DXF, PHX, and KGF.


1. It’s a Trialware.
2. No

What’s New In?

• Beltcomp is a computer software package developed to provide a suitable solution to design, run, optimize and troubleshoot the existing and new belt conveyors. It serves as a design engineering software to provide the calculations for belt conveyor design and sizing, simulations, best fit, optimization, monitoring, design modification and data transfer which can be exported to Excel file. It provides the ability to check and modify input data (tension profile, profile sketch, pulley sketch, tension plot, cost plot, etc) and calculate the output data (load plot, differential speed plot, etc.).
• Beltcomp also allows calculation of free and loaded operating cost at various speeds.
• Beltcomp can be used for design of most of the belt conveyors including pneumatic, rubber, composite and steel.
• Beltcomp allows calculation of maximum allowable deflection and run out of any belt conveyor sections.
• Beltcomp can simulate any number of drives and braking at various locations on the belt, ease of printouts, graphical views, data import/export to Excel and ASCII files.
• Beltcomp allows the simulation of any length of the belt using variable length of sections for any number of drives and belts.
• It can calculate speed profile for any driven load condition (loading, unloading, partial loading).
• Beltcomp can print any belt conveyor drawings.
• It can import and export data to Excel file for ease of submission or editing.
• It is easier to modify and check input data.

Beltcoast is a FREE online version of Beltcoast CAD, introduced to allow better and fast belt conveyor design. The online version of Beltcoast ( allows engineers and designers to create any number of belt conveyors. This online version only allows free usage with the limitation that one only can create a maximum of 10 belt conveyors. The online version allows to create as many as belt conveyors as any other belt conveyor design software available in market. It allows customization of any conveyor type, permits one to select various belt conveyor drives, with and without load, assemble the belt conveyor as per one’s need and export it to various tools including Excel file. Printing of one’s created belt conveyor is also allowed. The only limitations are that the online version is free and one may use the created belt conveyor only for any personal purpose and for one’s own use.

Beltcon has been an innovative belt conveyor

System Requirements For Beltcomp:

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