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Benefits of using a dictionary

I understand the idea of using a dictionary to map the keys to values.
I am wondering what benefits this offers over using a List or List>?


For each key, you only have one value and only one.
class Person
public string Name { get; set; }

// initialize lists in your code
List lstPersons;
List lstNames;

// OK
lstPersons.Add(new Person());
lstPersons[0].Name = “John”;

// OK
Person p1 = lstPersons[0];
Person p2 = lstPersons[1];
string p3 = lstNames[0];
string p4 = lstNames[1];


You might want to add an object to the dictionary.
For example,

Powder-coated metal wall furniture is a good choice for clients who want quality and durability in a space that is relatively maintenance-free.

“Powder coating is a very simple way to coat metal furniture,” says Michael Gallucci, a contractor and owner of G-Span Services. “There is no assembly necessary.”

Gallucci’s company specializes in powder-coating metal wall furniture for clients who want to add a touch of chic to any room in the home. It also helps clients maintain the integrity of the furnishings when they are eventually sold.

White is the most popular colour for powder-coated wall furniture. But Gallucci also advises clients to choose complementary colours, as metallic furniture can look monotonous.

“The best way to get [suppliers] to find the right colors is to give them models in-person to have an idea of what you’re looking for,” he says.

Powder-coating can also be a cost-effective alternative to painting

Is there any solution?


There is a known bug in Visual Studio that prevents it from opening projects that are opened from Explorer. The recommended workaround is to create a new empty project and then copy and paste your existing code over to that.

Internet Set Top Boxes (STBs) often include network connections allowing for connectivity of the STB to the Internet, thereby enabling the STB to receive content (e.g., video, audio, etc.) via the Internet. It is common for the STB to be capable of being connected to multiple different types of networks, such as, for example, local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), and/or the Internet. As such, in the event that the STB is authorized to access content via the Internet, the user of the STB has the option to select from different networks (e.g., local networks, wide area networks, and/or the Internet) for purposes of accessing content.
It may be desirable to restrict access to the Internet by (or only to) specific device(s) (e.g., STBs) for purposes of network security and/or quality of service (QoS). Current methods of restricting access to the Internet involve the use of a gateway. The gateway is set to allow access to the Internet to one or more specific device(s) based on information stored on the gateway. However, current methods of restricting access to the Internet by specific device(s) do not provide sufficient flexibility to allow for new methods of restricting access to the Internet. For example, current methods only allow for access to the Internet by one or more specific device(s) through one or more specific gateways. This can limit current methods of restricting access to the Internet, as it is possible for a device to be connected to a variety of networks. As such, it may not be possible to restrict access to the Internet through the use of a gateway(s).PUBLICATIONS


Black Blood on Their Hands: The Attica Prison Massacre and Its Legacy

Only a year after the death of four inmates at Attica State Prison, followed by major prison riots in New York State, demonstrators marched in New York City carrying death certificates of these prisoners. They demanded justice from

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