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DeepEarth [Win/Mac]

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DeepEarth was designed to be a mapping control powered by the combination of Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0 platform and the DeepZoom (MuliScaleImage) control.
At its core, it builds on these innovative technologies to provide an architecture for bringing together layers for services, data providers, and your own custom mapping elements together into an impressive user experience.
Also featured are in depth examples of how you can leverage Virtual Earth Web Services to take advantage of advanced GIS service functionality. This is what you need to get an interactive, native Silverlight 2.0, map into your application today.
DeepEarth supports the Virtual Earth Web Service (VEWS) for tile layers, geocoding (finding an address), reverse geocoding (getting an address from a point on the map) and routing.







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-DeepEarth is not an MVVM or MV* application, it is a set of classes for getting and displaying the features of the Virtual Earth Web Services API.
-Map control classes
-Map Tile Tile Layer
-Provides building blocks for building a DeepEarth map.
-MuniScaleImage control
-MuliScaleImages are 3D, high resolution images that you can manipulate and add to your map.
-MuliScaleImage Tile Layer
-MuliScaleImage Tile Layer is a WMS-based tiled layer. It works much like a normal street map tile layer, but instead of tiles it will render to your viewport using a 3D camera.
-MuliScaleImage CrossSectional Map
-MuliScaleImage allows you to shrink your map to a hand-held scale from 5000 miles on a side in a matter of seconds.
-Programmatic Control
-Control the state of the map and zoom from deep inside the control.
-The Shapes control -A flexible layer view for displaying GeoJSON data.
-Includes support for user-customizable layers, Dashing Lines and PolyLines, Aerial Photo Imagery and custom locator points.
-Smart Search filters the results in a manner based on your selection of results and zooms into the area your results fall in.
-The PolyLines control – Very handy to draw routes on the map.
-The Virtual Earth Web Services (VEWS) control – Get the features you want from the Virtual Earth web services.
-The Virtual Earth Service Provider (VSSP) control – VSSP is the default control to connect to and use the Virtual Earth web services.
-The Virtual Earth SVC control – SVC is the alternative to VSSP and is just as easy to use.
-The Virtual Earth Tile Service (VETS) control – VETS is a third way to connect to and use the Virtual Earth web services.
-The Virtual Earth virtualEarth – Build custom map elements.
-The Virtual Earth web services control – Control the features you need from the web services.
-The Virtual Earth layer renderer – Control the appearance of the layer on the map.
-The Live Data Control – Live data has been desribed extensively elsewhere.
-The World Imagery Service (WISS) control – 

DeepEarth Free

DeepEarth Free Download provides an easy and consistent way to provide maps and mappings into your applications.
One of the goals of the Microsoft Virtual Earth team is to provide a way for developers to create applications that utilize Geo services with minimal effort. If you use the VEWS Web Service in your application, you will be able to access an array of geospatial objects.
Developers can also leverage the Silverlight 2.0 technologies of virtual Earth in order to build a highly interactive, interactive map into their application.
So.. VEWS Webservices are not the only way to create and publish map applications. but VEWS is a great way to introduce Microsoft Virtual Earth capability into your own developer applications.
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I have tried adding the missing class with inheritance but it is still null.


If you can provide your own geometry by WKID/WKT, you can use the Extensibility (WKID/WKT) process to set the parent value for your object/layer (Geometry).
In your code behind:
parentGeometry.SetValue(“Geometry.Geometries”, geometries)

In code:
parentGeometry.SetValue(“Geometry.Geometries”, geometries)

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DeepEarth is a.NET library that provides a mapping framework for creating dynamic charts and maps using the Microsoft Virtual Earth Web Service.
DeepEarth provides you with:
* A set of high quality controls to make creating maps and charts easy.
* Full support for the virtual earth web service (Virtual Earth Web Service).
* Powerful but easy to extend mapping.
DeepEarth Features:

* A set of high quality controls to make creating maps and charts easy.

* Full support for the virtual earth web service (Virtual Earth Web Service).

* Powerful but easy to extend mapping.

* Support for various tile resolutions and hyperlayers (compact view, scroll, label, control, legend, clustering, etc.).

* A powerful page layout engine with master pages, custom templates, custom controls, and data grouping.
* Open source under the
MIT License

* Good archiving of any needed data.

* Turn up or down labels, can redraw, zooming, panning, orient, control styling, etc.

* Use the same controls as MSDN, the Gallery, and the MSN site (like citybmap).

* Plug-and-play feature for Virtual Earth Tile Servers to easily and quickly add data layers.

* Drag-and-drop mappings.

* Dll’s supporting.NET 3.5, 2.0, 2.0 SP1, 2.0 SP2, 3.0

* Open Source under the MIT License.

* Comprehensive documentation at:

* Easy to extend code example

* JQuery compatible

You will find lots of cool examples on the web that show how to utilize the Web Services for Virtual Earth. I am going to refer you to few of them here.

* Map Zone Tile Provider for IE

* Label Provider for Virtual Earth

* Sample source code for the Highlight

What’s New in the DeepEarth?

DeepEarth is an extension of the Silverlight 2.0 control, which was designed to bring mapping technology to the MS Platform. It provides a framework to bring together the layering of features which you want to expose to the map, the layers of information your application provides, and the maps you derive.
The key technology is a control which is optimized to use the NuGet service and execute efficiently. The control itself is built on Infragistics but it leverages Silverlight and Microsoft’s recently acquired development platform, Telerik and their innovative tools and controls.

DeepEarth Forums

Easily add I/O, and/or web, tablet, and smartphone support to your application by simply selecting a profile in your project, and importing the necessary controls.

User Comments

I know the title isn’t too clear but im wanting to port the version of this control that I have with it to my test server but keep getting a version mismatch error, I downloaded version 0.1 and it installs but I can’t get the control to be used on my server?

I know the title isn’t too clear but im wanting to port the version of this control that I have with it to my test server but keep getting a version mismatch error, I downloaded version 0.1 and it installs but I can’t get the control to be used on my server?



Hi Natalie,

You will need to pull the source code, edit it, compile it, and then point the ClientBin to the compiled DLL in your publish options.

Hi Daniel,
The snapshot version of this control does currently use some code from the project that I am currently working on, so it is slightly unstable at the moment, but does work ok.
I have been testing the upgrade to trunk, you should be able to upgrade now if you have not done so.

Is it possible to use multiple DeepEarth controls within a web page, like we do with XAP’s?
I’ve got several topology circles at the moment, and I was wondering if I could combine these to create the same level of detail?

I know this is a little bit off topic, but for me, this is a really nice and top quality control. I would really like to use it in my project. Can this control be used in Windows Phone 7

System Requirements For DeepEarth:

Tested on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, Windows 7 SP1.
Extract Progress included with the installer.
IMPORTANT NOTE: The installer will check the installed program directory for compatibility before installing and will not install if it detects a problem.
Known Issues:
AlterEgo has been reported to cause high CPU usage when opening. If you encounter this problem, try disabling Show settings in the title bar of Alterego and re-enable when Alterego has loaded.
The installer will

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