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Photoshop continues to evolve and make changes to its version numbers with each update. Be sure to consult the release notes of the software you are using before going to (``) for help with using the software.

Photoshop is the most widely used image editing tool in the world. Photoshop is available for Mac computers running OS X and for Windows-based computers, including Linux, and is used by a wide range of people, including photographers, graphic artists, writers, web designers, and many others. You can check out a more detailed look at Photoshop at

Photoshop contains a complete editable toolset for all your image editing needs. It enables you to rapidly create multiple layers to edit, as well as resize, reposition, crop, and combine the layers for a level of flexibility. Photoshop is renowned for its powerful blend modes — a selection-mode feature that enables you to create a special effect.

Photoshop has advanced tools for creating vector graphics, such as the line tool and shape tools, but it’s often not possible to control vectors directly in Photoshop (or any other software, for that matter) because of the complexities of the process.

The high-level goal of each version of Photoshop is to enable you to realize the full potential of the software and provide you with the tools to do the job. Photoshop has continually evolved and improved in order to satisfy its users.

Although Photoshop does a great job with complex tasks, it isn’t a substitute for the graphic arts department in a print shop — you still need to make sure that you create the image, rather than mess it up.

It is important to understand that Photoshop isn’t the end result of your work. To correctly convert your Photoshop files into your final document, you need to have a good understanding of how to edit. (For more on graphics, see the section “Printing a Drawing” later in this chapter.)

In this chapter, we take you through the essential editing, converting, and retouching processes. We highlight the tools you can use to manipulate the image before converting the final file into a Photoshop file.

Understanding Photoshop Layers and Palettes

In Photoshop, you create and manipulate layers. Layers are a group of pixels or small areas of an image that are all stacked up on top of each other and that can contain certain image properties that you want applied when you make changes. The

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Today, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Photoshop elements so that you can best use it when working with images.

Photoshop Elements has more than 70 features that allow it to edit the photos of your imagination. Here are some of the features that help you achieve precise work with high-quality images.

3 Photoshop Elements Tips to Know Before Using It Properly

1. How to Use Photoshop Elements?

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a graphics editor that is very user-friendly. It has the same file format as Photoshop and has several different pre-installed templates for different types of images that can help you start working.

Photoshop elements is available for Windows 10, iOS and macOS. It is completely compatible with the Adobe Photoshop plugin.

The interface of Photoshop Elements is organized in several tabs. In this article, we will discuss these tabs in detail. You can also make a quick reference to the main functions of the program.

Photoshop elements features the following features:

See What’s New in Photoshop Elements 2020

Save and Open

Image Adjustment

Masks, Gradients & Curves

Layer, Shadow & Highlights

Embedded Layers & Smart Objects

Font & Typography

Embedded 3D & Photo Effects

Touch Ups & Extra Tools


Online Classes

In this article, we will discuss these features:

See What’s New in Photoshop Elements 2020

Save and Open

The Save & Open feature allows you to open and save images. It can be used to open and save images from the program as well as from the Internet.

It is available at the top of the screen and open it from the right side of the screen.

Save and Open to save and open images in the following formats:

JPEG, TIF, PNG, GIF, PSD, EPS and PDF (For simple printing.)

You can also save images to the following media:

Hard Disk or SD Card

An online service like My Dropbox

Cannot use the following file formats:

GIF 2.0, Gif2

Photoshop Elements allows you to save images as JPEG and TIF files.

Image Adjustment

This menu contains a wide range of Photoshop elements adjustment tools. It is used to modify or make adjustments to the images.

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Write and return select.js plugin selected value

I have a select.js plugin in my web site ( and I need to change its value, to do this I have tried many ways, I have tried this (and other) jquery code:
var xml = $(“#ddlClasificacion”).val();

And I have tried this:
var _test2 = $(“#ddlClasificacion”).val();

But still returns undefined.
I am using select.js plugin because I need an automatic search for the value selected of that plugin.
I tried to change the value with get or post, and return what I need, but nothing happened when a value from the select is chosen.
I hope you can help me, I appreciate it.


I solved the problem by using the set function of the select.js
Basically what I want to do is set the value of the select to the id of a certain number;
So in the case that you need to do this in jquery you have to do:

var _test2 = $(“#ddlClasificacion”).val();

And in case that you are using the select.js plugin:

var _test2 = $(“#ddlClasificacion”).val();

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