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The Other Disc Volume button is not valid for all machines. The other Disc Volume button should be ignored, as it is not valid on all machines. You can use the SystemInfo function instead.
This example shows the volume of the Disc drives.
Set $lp=iex(‘[SystemRoot]\System32\systeminfo.exe’);
Set $chk_new=iex(‘W[l | | /f]’);

// Create the dialog
// ~> initialize with the values
// ~> if the selection is invalid,
// display the error message
// ~> if the input is invalid,
// disable the input
// ~> enable the OK button
// ~> set the title
function onShow() { = ‘block’;
function onHide() { = ‘none’;
function ok(value) {
if (value) {
// if the input is valid,
// set the selection

document.getElementById(‘rs’).value = value;
alert(“Selection was set”);

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Police were on the scene at the El Paso Walmart Neighborhood Market shortly before 6 p.m. local time (1600 GMT) on Saturday after more than 50 men began fighting.

“The police say that all the situation is calm and under control,” a local resident told Reuters by telephone. “I heard more than 50 shots and police say more than 25 men died.”

The El Paso area is controlled by the Mexican government and shares a border with Mexico. There were no immediate reports of fatalities on the Mexican side.

The dead include the 4 person being held as a person of interest and the first victim, said Fort Bliss Commander Wayne Hollingsworth in a Twitter post.

Video released by the U.S. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, showed what appeared to be a group of 10 to 15 Hispanic men confronting a group of 20 African-Americans. It is unclear if the shooting took place inside the Walmart or on the public sidewalk nearby.

At least 10 people were taken to a hospital. The shooter was also taken to a hospital for treatment, with two people in stable condition and one in fair condition, police said.

A spokeswoman for the University Medical Center of El Paso said six of the victims were brought there to be treated and four were later transferred to a hospital in a different city for treatment.L’émotion est écrasante lorsque l’on apprenait l’âge avancé de l’attaquant du Tricolore, Jean-Gabriel Pageau, après un passage le troisième pour reprendre la ligne-parisienne.

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We have just learned that Senator Barack Obama has nominated Frank Luntz to be his campaign’s chief strategist. He is the most powerful and influential voice of the Republican campaign and we are shocked that Barack Obama has chosen him to be his new advisor. Clearly they are well connected and we are not sure what exactly Frank Luntz is advising Barack Obama on. We do know however that a big part of Frank’s job in the campaign will be to focus Barack Obama’s message and to make sure that all of his speeches are well scripted. Frank Luntz has been quoted saying: “The smart way to win the presidency is to lose it!” Let’s just say that that is probably not an expression that should be used for a presidential candidate. Why was the Governor of Arkansas chosen as an advisor instead of Frank Luntz? We know that Frank Luntz has said that “Governor

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