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FC70 is a comprehensive and powerful audio plugin designed to be a compressor for modern digital workstations.
It features variable release settings that are program dependent, fast attack, variable-mu AGC emulation, as well as input gain and threshold.







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Logic is compact and efficient to use, and comes with an audio editor/mixer application and a 3-band compressor.

The inputs are set as stereo mixing inputs. The recording volume is controlled by a peak limiter.

In the compression section, the envelope detector provides a measure of the input’s peak level or limiter threshold. You can capture the envelope and use it to control the compressor’s release time, transients, attack time or threshold.

The compression section can be bypassed when in attack mode, or can be controlled from the LFO.

The compressor can be mixed with internal gain settings in both wet and dry modes

Logic comes with a number of routing presets.

The output levels can be controlled via the master fader.

With the inputs set to Mic or Line, the plugin can control its output levels as a hardware compressor (bypass threshold to +10dB) or leveler (bypass threshold to 0dB).

Logic is also useful to get a “verb” sound on your vocals and other source signals. You can set the threshold, output gain and release time to get a correct sound or threshold to make the compressor release instantly at high volume levels.

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6 different FC70 Serial Key compressor presets for you to choose from.Each preset comes with a screenshot and an short description of what the effect is.
Settings for each preset can be adjusted on each of the 15 different parameters (gain, control, and threshold).
All parameters can be set to values between 0 and 10.
Available for free to all users.

Version 2.04, May, 2016 – Randomize all presets.
Version 2.03, June, 2016 – Remove dead men on the market 🙂
Version 2.02, March, 2016 – Faster.
Version 2.01, December, 2015 – Thanks to Bart for debugging and correcting.
Version 2.0, September, 2015 – Better routing. Default preset is selected.
Addition of LCD screen.
Improvements in speed and stability.
The plugin requires Windows 7 or later.
Windows XP or earlier won’t work properly.

Fc70 is a compact and efficient compressor plugin for modern digital workstations or standalone applications.
It features variable release settings that are program dependent, fast attack

FC70 Free Download [Updated-2022]

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FC70 Activator Download

All settings are automatically saved and loaded based on the current program you are using.
Traditional stereo compression is much simpler, so have a look at the specifications below to help you decide if this is the plugin you want to purchase.

1. FLAT & RECESSIVE: It’s just like the digital compressor that is used in the mastering room. The sound of the compressor will give you the “wow” factor to get attention to your mix.
2. VARIABLE RELEASE SETTINGS: The ‘Ramp’ control and ‘Dim’ control can be locked to a value. This will allow you to control the ratio of fixed and variable release.
3. VARIABLE ATTACK: The compressor will not release pressure until the gain approaches 0 dB. This setting will be set for a set threshold.
4. SPEED: The release speed will be based on the ratio of fixed and variable release. The compressor will limit compression to prevent overshooting.
5. INPUT GAIN: This controls the compression level when plugging into an audio track. The compressor will be limited by the level meter.
6. MICROPHONE INPUT GAIN: By default, the compressor is set to boost the input volume of the mic. This can be turned off to prevent the compressor overloading the mic.
7. THRESHOLD: A threshold value of between -20dB and +20dB can be applied to the mic. The compressor will accept all the mic volume into the output.
8. TONE CONTROL: The compressor will be set to a fast attack time and release speed. The crossover frequency is set at 500Hz. To prevent feedback, you can dial in a crossover frequency of 100Hz.
9. AGC: This will emulate the response of the AGC (Automatic Gains Control) that you have in the hardware compressor. When the input is at a signal level of -50dB, the compressor will make no change to the level of the signal.
10. INPUT LEVEL: This setting is based on the output level of the mic. If the mic is clipping or just not enough to show in the meter, this setting will take that into account. This setting will NOT be applied to the mic’s input volume if you have the mic plugged directly into the audio input of the unit. You can set this to 100% for full gain.
11. MUTE: When

What’s New In?

Fully scalable to cover a wide dynamic range, FC70 features a unique set of waveform shaping algorithms for perfect compression.
With total control over attack and release times, the compressor also offers a very wide range of control over cut and gain.
Standard EQs and sidechaining are made possible by a fullfeatured input-gain control and AGC emulation.
The level meter will tell you exactly how much compression is applied, whereas gain control provides a reliable and easy gain reduction approach.
For maximum performance a 8-bit quantization is provided.
FC70 is a complete and easily accessible solution for today’s high-end audio processing.
Plugin Features:


Fully scalable to cover a wide dynamic range.

Variable release time that is program dependent

Fast attack

Variable-mu AGC emulation

Input gain and threshold control

8-bit quantization

All waveform shaping algorithms are perfectly shaped

Notch filter and ADSR control

Level meter and gain



Additional features

Advancements in the field of modern audio compression plugins
We live in a time of massive change as regards audio devices and software, sound processors being no exception to the rule.
With a world of hardware and software being developed at a phenomenal pace, software manufacturers are starting to realize that software needs to evolve in a similar way, and that improvements can be made to the way audio workstations and software sound processors work.
When we move away from processing software plugins, our current hardware designs have limitations.
We never forget that we are living in a digital world where data can be stored on computers, and processed by powerful algorithms.
Therefore, software developers are increasingly working on the design of the algorithms that process data, rather than on the design of software plugins.
There is a big need for audio plugins that can provide a service that the ones we are familiar with up to now.
In particular, we now have plugins that focus on the design of algorithms, so they offer a level of quality that cannot be attained by developers of commercial plugins.
Do you ever feel so bored in the studio and you just need to burst out of this cycle?
Does the idea of editing and controlling an audio plugin provide you with

System Requirements For FC70:

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