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To deliver these gameplay enhancements, EA Sports turned to a new cloud-based proprietary gaming platform, the Soccer Intelligence Platform, or SIP. We will now reveal the technical background and technology behind SIP, which are key to FIFA’s new physics engine and hyper-realistic gameplay.

A pro-level football match is a highly complex, dynamic and fast-paced action experience.

Your opinion counts, and the game should respond to it, in real-time.

Making it happen required more than just optimization and technology. We need to engineer the technology to react to each player’s individual skills.

To achieve this, we leveraged a few key elements:

Human Behavior: We needed to record player behaviors with unprecedented realism, capturing the very core of how a football match is played.

Game Design: In order to capture the complexity and variability of the action, we needed a highly-advanced, robust, fast game engine.

Technology: In order to process and react to the data that would be generated by 22 players on the pitch, we needed to extract the data in real-time, process it, and run it through the game engine to generate every single visual effect.

Watch our in-depth technical analysis on how the Sports Interactive team have overcome these challenges and deliver the best in-game physics experience.

All Images: EA/Football Interactive

Our Soccer Intelligence Platform

Concept and philosophy

The Soccer Intelligence Platform (SIP) in FIFA 22 is designed to fuel game design by unifying and capturing game data, which is what makes it a “platform.”

We captured the complex, fast-paced action in the most holistic manner possible and optimized the data to a near-perfect physics engine, which is key to giving the player the most realistic experience.

Using the data recorded in the unique Soccer Intelligence Laboratory (SIL) at our studio in Cardiff, our staff produced the largest, most detailed, highly-realistic game data library ever recorded from FIFA matches ever.

Specifically, we captured over 14 million data points per player in a single match, in addition to capturing player movement, pressing, ball possession, passing, shots, tackles, headers, set pieces, goalkeeper and goalkeeping, ball physics, ball contacts, players’ individual attributes (running speed, height, speed change, acceleration, dragging


Features Key:

  • Over 270 million players;
  • “The most complete football game ever” brought to life with “intelligent AI,” HyperMotion, and new Game Intelligence;
  • New weekly innovations, online challenges, coach challenges, and online tournaments;
  • Brand-new FIFA Ultimate Team – with new ways to build your squad and start your journey;
  • Covering over 140,000 career goals, enhanced Dribbling and improved Shooting;
  • Changes to Big Moves, improved Long Shots, and new Flight Control;
  • More tactical freedom than ever: new Terrain System;
  • Player Ratings, Skills – plus Elite System coming to transfer market;
  • Improved Artificial Intelligence;
  • Improved Pass and Move;
  • FIFA 2.0 – help the ball flow through the team with new Attacking Shape Engine, smarter positioning;
  • Tactics – Intelligent AI that continually adapts to your play style;
  • Real-world player movements that feel more natural on the pitch, reactive on the ball and more accurate in the air;
  • New Game Intelligence, the most intelligent and dynamic artificial intelligence in the history of the series;
  • New Road to Glory and Moments with the pros;
  • New MyPLAYER Character;
  • Runke Review mode and “Take Control” training improvements;
  • New Replays feature, with enhanced EAS replays system;
  • Jump in using new booting system and authentic pass and shooting animations;
  • Authentic looks and sounds, more than just beautiful, thanks to EA SPORTS FIFA;
  • Four animated sequences based on the community’s input;
  • New and improved 3D pitch; and
  • New Video Highlights.


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FIFA is the world’s favourite fantasy sport, with over 800 million players worldwide – and now, for the first time, you can play against your friends on new ways to experience the game.

The Impact Engine

Every action on the field is handled by the Impact Engine, which uses a collection of AI models and physiological sensors to create a more realistic, reactive and organic gameplay experience.

There is a level of in-game awareness to each player that was previously unseen in football games – just like they are in real life. Players react to the actions of their teammates and the ball carrier, and tackle or defend in response to the behaviour of their opponent.

The key is that the Impact Engine makes all of the decisions, with no human influence, which leads to the game ending up like a real-life match.


The Physiological system accurately represents the players in the game. It takes into account variables like the colour of the players’ uniform and the surfaces they are playing on, to make the game feel more lifelike – all this information is integrated into the AI systems to give you a better sense of the team you’re playing against.


This is a brand new adaptation of the Australian Football code. With increased momentum and more defensive pressure than the regular code, it provides a unique experience for fans of the world’s most popular sport.

For the first time ever, players can intercept the ball before it passes, allowing them to steal possession.

The new counter-attack system changes the way football is played, by giving the ball carrier the opportunity to run for the opposition’s goal as soon as they receive the ball. The new strategy works by quickly sending a team-mate into the opposing team’s defence, forcing them to move back, leaving a clear channel for the ball carrier to run through.

The first-person perspective is also a new feature of the Australian code. The camera in the third-person view has been adjusted to allow for the first-person view, providing a brand new experience as you become the game’s ball carrier.

Dynamic Awareness

The Dynamic Awareness system adapts its defensive strategy based on the opposition. For example, if the player defending against you is on the ball, they are less likely to pick up a pass and this will mean you pass the ball to someone more open. On the other hand, if you


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 Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is back on FIFA 20 with a brand-new Ultimate Team stat build on and off the pitch. Join Ronaldo in UCL on the pitch and in The Champions League with The Battles.

Street Pro Skills – Show your prowess on the pitch with Street Pro Skills, with three new gameplay modes. Play with AI opponents or compete with real players in Tournaments, enjoy new Challenges in the Skirmish mode, or view historical stats in the Scoreboard.

FIFA 20 features public matchmaking for both Online Leagues as well as offline Friendly Connections. Compete in a newly designed Offline Leagues, with a detailed leaderboard and customizable tournaments. Connect with your friends and create the most powerful teams and formations with improved Tournaments.

Compete with your friends in the FIFA Leagues, as well as in your existing Local Fixtures and Your Friends. Compete with every club and opponent in The Ultimate Team, as your quest to dominate continues.

New Splitscreen Motion for both the Real Virtual Stadio, New Commentary’s, and FIFA World, along with changes to player templates, boots and shirts. No more blurry, pixelated players!

SAFE ZONE is back to protect players from injury after receiving feedback from all FIFA Ultimate Team players. Choose where you want to receive damage in the defensive wall, the goalkeeper area, and the forward area. On attack, choose where you want the ball to go with an advanced dive system, as well as all new free kicks!

New Become a Ball Controler, can sprint to sprint out of tight spaces, slide tackles, and use the ball to influence the match by using assists, feints, and tricks.

RUN FOR IT is now safer, with opponents no longer able to walk into players.

Camps for You unlocks, available for a limited time, to help clubs dominate in FIFA 20. Camps can range from ‘Sprintedness’ through to ‘Playing Style’, as well as Stamina, Turn-Speed, Agility, and Skill. Camps are not transferable to the future, and may not be available in your country.

Configure your player with custom kits, boots and pants,


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