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“With 20 years of FIFA history under our belts, we’ve really taken everything that fans have said to us over the years,” said Dan Dalton, Senior Gameplay Designer at EA. “We’ve collected feedback from actual players on the field and feedback from the community to come up with a product that just feels more realistic.”

The power and realism of FIFA 22 comes from the fact that the data collected from real players can be used to create a unique character for every player.

This allows every player on the field to play with unique animations, tactics and abilities.

FIFA 11 was a breakthrough in sports simulations. EA Sports drove the popularity of the game by raising the bar on realism, and by innovating gameplay innovations like accurate ball and player control, and player progression. FIFA 22 continues to raise the bar, with new innovations that make gameplay more immersive and visually stunning.

“We have built on the foundation that made FIFA 11 so groundbreaking,” said David Rutter, FIFA Lead Gameplay Director. “We spent time in the studio and on the pitch playing high-intensity matches, capturing the movement and intensity of real footballers, and we introduced all-new visual innovations to FIFA.”

The most striking visual change comes from the new force feedback system. Known as “Impact,” this allows players to feel the true force of a tackle, pass, header, or controlled shot on the ball. Players can sense every touch of a ball in each of their hands, meaning the ball feels more authentic and reacts to every movement you make with the controller.

“Force feedback and visual enhancements highlight the raw energy on the pitch,” said Marc Jackson, Senior Producer, FIFA. “Every tackle, pass, shot on goal or shot itself has a massive impact on the ball. By creating an even more authentic experience on the pitch, the overall impact of gameplay increases.”

A new feature called “Player Progress” is a tool that makes it easy for the player to visualize his or her improvement over the years. It shows the player’s progress and the difference between a player’s younger self and their more experienced self.

They can use this to unlock additional player attributes and gear.

Key features include:

Two new game modes:

Online Seasons is a new game mode that allows you to


Features Key:

  • Authentic Tech: Face the line ups with authentic player facial features, hair styles and player details.
  • Career Mode: Take over the coaching reins at a Football Club, as you lead your team to glory. For the first time ever, take on the challenges of an entire season as both a manager and a player, developing your team into a winning football dynasty. Intuitive career mode makes it easy to progress through your Pro path.
  • Improved System Wide Performance: Incredible AI is fully optimized for 1080p gameplay
  • Lifelike Visuals and Sound: Huge stadiums, dynamic crowds, and in-depth gameplay bring the atmosphere of the real world to life


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FIFA is the leading club football video game on the planet, providing a deep and accurate simulation of the beautiful game.

FIFA 20 will see the introduction of brand new social features as well as an All-Star Team, news and information, as well as a massive update to the game engine.

FIFA introduces a host of new features, including:

FIFA Ultimate Team

PES 2019 The new-look PES 2019 brings enhanced physics for dribbling and shielding, explosive power-up activation, real-world reactions and new kits to help you change the game when you need to.

Improved 3D Pass AI The new 3D Pass AI system has been tuned to react and anticipate opponents, making your game more fun and authentic.

Matchday Moments The introduction of contextual skills and new pre-designed tactics will help you take your team on and off the pitch.

The boots are on the ground

We’re excited to reveal some of our biggest game changes ever. New additions to FIFA’s Creative Assembly-engine include:

New goal-line technology. FIFA for the first time will accurately follow the real-life rules for an out of bounds goal.

FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA Ultimate Team will finally be a solo experience – allowing you to collect and build your own dream squad, while introducing a new and exciting dynamic in Draft. We’ve also added thousands of card to the game – more than ever before.

We’re pleased to announce that FIFA Ultimate Team is back with new cards, new leagues, new players, new stadiums, new rosters, and enhanced gameplay. (FIFA 19 Ultimate Team on the move to FIFA Ultimate Team on the go)

Tactics. Standard and new matchday tactics and story-driven group tactics will be added for both online and offline modes, ensuring fans get to create their own unique ways to attack and defend.

This all leads to a season of innovation, and we’ll be adding many of the most requested features from our fans to the game, and over 12 months ahead of our previous release. We’re also introducing a host of exciting new user-experience improvements.

Here’s just a flavour of our changes to FIFA 20:

Real ball physics. FIFA’s deep physics engine is being further refined and developed, with two new features included for the first time in a FIFA game:


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FIFA Ultimate Team is the brand new way to play FIFA with new real-life licensed teams and stadiums, brand-new ways to score with enhanced shooting mechanics, and new ways to build and manage your Ultimate Team. With FUT, you will build your own team from over 30 leagues and clubs across the globe and compete against friends and players around the world in leagues such as the Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League. Your success on the pitch will be based on how you develop your team, make the most of every FIFA Ultimate Team Card, level up and train your players, and get the most out of your weekly or daily Ultimate Team gameplay.

Get a feel for the game by playing on the default to create the most realistic and intuitive experience.

X Button – Choose your Favorite Pass.
Use the ZL and ZR buttons to pass with X Button.

Y Button – Boost the Player towards you in game.
Use ZR and ZL buttons to perform special tricks/boosts on the pitch.

Triangle – Delivers a low strength, high curve shot that can beat the most difficult of defences.
Use the L and R buttons to perform special shots.

Square – Explodes a super powerful shot with added speed and damage for burst shots.
Use the ZR and ZL buttons to perform special tricks/boosts on the pitch.

Circle – Players’ Pause Button
Press the Circle Button during gameplay for players’ pausing

ZL Button – Displays a close-up of the player’s foot as a means of marking players on the pitch.

ZR Button – Superb Player Boost.

You can learn more about FIFA and its new features by taking a look at the in-game tutorial.

Action Shots – more shooting options for professional players.
Unlock & change the shooting angles with the mousewheel.

Inside the Pass – Passing options enable you to choose between long, medium and short passes.

Skill Shots – Teammates can assist you and perform more types of super shots.

Player Skill – Performance improvements introduce a new concept of “Player Skill” to FIFA, which is the ability of a player to perform special moves. The player will be able to perform “Player Skills” such as fake shots, diving shots, off-


What’s new:

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