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HyperMotion Technology augments the on-ball intelligence of some players; player movement, tackling and fighting. It creates more realistic ball physics, challenges the AI to respond faster to unpredictable player behaviour and it enables players to use more dribbling moves with more distinct attributes.

To see players’ movements, impact and movement more accurately, the game allows for some players to be playing as a player that has just been struck. For example, in a tackle, the player is likely to temporarily step out of the action. This process lets the player leave their image in-game.

Improved Player Movement

This is perhaps the most significant addition to player movement, as it enables the ball to get stuck in some situations due to the player’s close proximity to the ball. The game adds AI awareness to players.

The new motion capture data and the ability to play as a kicked player are combined with animation fidelity and new player movement controls. The player movements are more realistic with faster, more dynamic turning and accelerations.

Improved Physics

FIFA Game Development continues to invest in improving upon real-world physics engine technology. The new physics technology has been accelerated to give quicker and more realistic player movement and collision response. With better collision response, you’ll notice that players get more time to react when they collide with an opponent.

AI Improvements

The human and technical elements of AI have been improved in FIFA, with the introduction of the Player AI, Tactical AI and the Trainer AI. Player AI allows the game to automatically gain an advantage over a player during a game.

Tactical AI provides real-time context-based situational awareness that helps intelligent players make the right decisions and execute tactics.

Trainer AI allows players to call up individual players in matches, in addition to coaching team tactics.

New Movements

The Player Progress View has been redesigned with new animations and improved detail. The view allows you to quickly see player histories, details about a player’s game highlights, play and exercise history, all from one screen. In addition, players can now use the new Player Information overlay to view advanced player stats, including the ability to compete in knockout tournaments.

Improved Player Controls

Players are able to run faster, make more precise dribbling moves, and strike the ball with greater accuracy, more effectively placing passes.

The movement controls for the back-pass, slide tackle and slide-


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FIFA 22 Highlights:

  • Take charge of the midfield and lead the attacks in new-generation Tactical Seasons.
  • Build up your club from scratch or choose from a free expansion pack of players like Erik Lamela, Eric Dier and Justin Kluivert in FA Cup 2019.
  • Win the Champions League for your club by managing your team in the UEFA Champions League
  • Guaranteed starting matches in the UEFA Europa League, UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Super League, UEFA National Leagues and FIFA Club World Cup.
  • Become a legend of the FIFA World Cup with new Pro AM mode.
  • Experience the thrill of the return of ‘Override’ controls in FIFA for Xbox One and Xbox One X.
  • Be a hero for your country in new updated men’s and women’s national teams in FIFA 22.
  • FIFA 21 Themes


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For the first time in EA SPORTS FIFA’s history, every aspect of gameplay has been rebuilt and re-imagined from the ground up for the most advanced game yet.

Every player is made of authentic materials and reacts in game just like they do in real life.

Every player defends the space in front of them using unique and authentic shots, blocks, and interceptions, placing defenders in the right position to make attacking opportunities impossible for the opposition.

Every player moves the ball using a 360° control system that accurately recreates the way players interact on the pitch by moving to space rather than relying on a camera.

This EA SPORTS FIFA simulation delivers the authentic behavior of a real football pitch with every passing, dribbling, and shooting move.

Every player moves the ball using a 360° control system that accurately recreates the way players interact on the pitch by moving to space rather than relying on a camera.

A new 4-on-4 Elite Player Transfer system gives teams the opportunity to acquire a higher proportion of the best players on the market, providing even greater scope for customization.

New Players & Clubs

Signing new players is now a real challenge for the manager, as you must offer higher wages than rivals and attempt to persuade the best to join your team.

Offering greater scope for customization, you can now create a unique career for every player based on their age, performance, and personality.

Different scoring rules and goal celebrations ensure that each game is unique and fun to play.

The latest set of improvements to gameplay focus on defending, goalkeeping, and the goalkeeper’s abilities.

Every facet of your team’s strategy and tactics has been re-worked to add a new dimension of strategy.

FIFA Story Mode now supports local co-op, so you can play the game alongside friends and challenge them to international competition.

New Career Mode: My Player

My Player mode recreates the experience of a real football career by giving players total control over their development.

Guided by a mentor who provides tactical advice, players can acquire a variety of useful skills that improve their performance on the pitch.

Players can then control the pace of their progression and develop their mental strength to help build a winning mentality and make adjustments when the going gets tough.

Career Mode

Unlock 100 years of history

With FIFA Story Mode, try


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FUT – the best-selling EA SPORTS FIFA franchise is back! Play your way with unparalleled freedom and creativity using the all-new FIFA Universe, which features a set of unique social features, as well as the all-new Draft Champions mode.

Team Management – Create and manage your very own football club and take it on a worldwide adventure in FIFA Ultimate Team. As a player or manager, you’ll be able to bring your own creativity to the football field, build a dream team, manage relationships with the world’s best, and make the real-world strategy of the game come to life.

MyClub – Build your dream squad in the all-new MyClub mode, which brings the excitement of FIFA Ultimate Team into your everyday life. With a rich array of innovative social features, including a set of unique guides, a marketplace, and social media activity, MyClub is the place to go for the chance to play with your friends, compete with them, and be your own kind of awesome.

FIFA 22 delivers The New Face of Football™, in which face movements and animations have been painstakingly recreated, made possible by a brand-new era of player intelligence. Adaptive AI makes smarter, more realistic players that react dynamically in any situation, while new on-field prompts will challenge them to greater heights.


The all-new Ignite Player Fusions allow players to use a blend of both digital and real-world data to create unparalleled interactive animations throughout the game. Players can then mix and match different fusions to unlock the specific abilities needed to improve their on-field performance. Fusions can be recorded and shared on FIFA’s Facebook and YouTube pages.


FIFA 22’s new and improved Player Experience uses data science to enrich the overall player experience, delivering a richer and more accurate representation of your player’s impact on the pitch. We have also introduced a set of intelligent cues that allow players to take the ball to the half-space and use the space to gain a tactical advantage on the field.


We’ve completely rebuilt the network of in-game video, bringing you even more Fox Sports content. Dedicated content hubs, including Fox Sports Films and Scores, give you a seamless, unrestricted view of


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FIFA is the world’s No.1, most popular and authentic football game franchise that allows people of all ages and abilities to play in complete freedom.

Why is FIFA™ the best football game?

It’s the most comprehensive experience with all-new features that bring the authenticity of real football to life, including PES and girls’ football gameplay.

Play Real Football – Every week-to-week variation, realistic crowd chants and commentary, as well as new skills and moves are just some of the features that make FIFA the best football game.

New Features – FIFA 22 delivers the most comprehensive online game service, offering hours of gameplay, challenges and online competitions.

Authentic Gameplay – Watch your favourite teams play like they really do, including new talents, teams and leagues for FIFA Ultimate Team™.

Exclusive Experiences – There are no other football games that offer EA SPORTS Football Club™, the official club management tool from EA SPORTS™, which delivers over 100 different leagues, formations, competitions, teams, kits and more.

Real World Gameplay – No other football game offers so realistic, authentic and authentic gameplay, and graphics, which not only looks like real football, but feels just like real football as well.

Content and Licensing

Customise Your Game

The best football games allow you to design your very own team and take them on in official competition. FIFA takes this customisation one step further by allowing you to customise your players with a more diverse range of facial hair and hair styles, as well as allowing you to view all players side-on for a more complete and detailed view of your team.

Choose Team Roster

FIFA Ultimate Team™, our all-new game mode, allows you to train your very own virtual football team, and compete online against other players’ teams. Using the deep gameplay, features and customization of FIFA, Ultimate Team™ not only creates the ultimate football experience, but it provides you with endless hours of engaging gameplay.

Additional Official Football Leagues

FIFA 22 introduces the USL League One™, the first American pro club football league, and the United Women’s Soccer League™ (UWSL), which features many professional women’s teams in the US. You can also expect the first official national leagues in China, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Turkey and the UK, where some of the world’s


How To Crack Fifa 22:

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