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Roblox Corp. is an American developer and publisher of digital games. It started as a video game development company with the creation of the online gaming platform Roblox in November 2004. In 2006, Roblox released the first game on their platform that was playable, Stickman Roblox. In June 2012, Roblox announced that they had over 200,000 registered developers, although they expected their number of developers to reach 1 million by the end of the 2012 year. They announced a mobile app, Roblox Mobile in 2013, which was the first PC game to be playable through a mobile device.

In 2014, Roblox introduced Roblox Studio, which allows users to make their own games and have them played on their own Roblox channel on the platform. Studio users may also earn Robux by playing and interacting with other Studio users. In July 2015, Roblox introduced the Roblox TV app, which lets children watch Roblox videos on mobile devices. Roblox’s first game, Littlest Pet Shop, was released in July 2015 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, and Android devices. In 2016, Roblox introduced the Roblox Education division, which provides resources for schools and teachers to use in teaching a variety of subjects. The new education division marked the beginning of the end of the Roblox Corporation as a separate entity and the end of the freedom of speech on Roblox as it grew rapidly into a mainstream part of society. In early 2017, Roblox redesigned the ROBUX, which was formerly known as ‘ROBLOX’, to ‘Robux’.

The company has received criticism for some of its practices in marketing its games, particularly in relation to the age demographic of its platform. Roblox has a strict in-game moderation policy, but it has faced criticism for microtransactions and for exploiting children. Roblox has stated that the moderation policy is never enforced, but that it is more about building an environment that is conducive to the developers’ creativity.

Roblox Background

Core Creators

David Baszucki and Erik Cassel created the original version of Roblox in June 2004, when they were teens in their mid-20s. They developed Roblox with the intention of creating a multiplayer game that would allow children to code their own games. They wished to create a new kind of game platform that was accessible to children and


Features Key:


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Game Overview – Roblox

The description of Roblox

Beautiful, award-winning, kid-friendly experiences come to life with Roblox.

Create your very own imaginative, interactive adventures where even the most extreme imaginations can come to life. Choose from one of our millions of buildable objects, characters, worlds and games and bring your ideas to life in immersive 3D. As you play, you’ll boost your social status, win prizes and help your friends have amazing experiences too.

Thanks for the help by the way, I have clicked to 70% or so of the restricted area, not sure how that happened lol.

by Bmxtheproduct on 30/09/2018

Roblox game updated

update coming soon robux buy

Hi there im having such a tough time with this game since the update happened. I have a construction brain and can help you

by wiznick1 on 23/03/2019

Video game

It’s very nice but it won’t play at home. I think this game needs more players, played with my brother, and we both had the same problem. Also, it won’t boot up on my Xbox One. Not very happy about it 🙁

by BunniBunni on 16/05/2018

Robux generator

I am currently using this code for a bit but it is kind of buggy. The skin generator doesn’t work but if it does, the skins randomly go missing or are too bright when they really need to be dark.

by Asami Lolita on 21/06/2016


Pretty cool!

by Lostgood on 08/09/2016


Roblox is great!! Totally addictive, best game I’ve played in a long time

by glenn on 22/08/2015



by xanderisky on 16/08/2015

roblox game hack

how to hack robux robux hack robux

by Gamer452 on 22/08/2018

WoooWoooo Awesome game Roblox..

by Rusty Pineapple on 06/08/2018


I LOVE LOVE LOVE roblox and i wonder if you guys could help me with this i just have a question i


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Yes. While I am a moderator I have no stake in this business. I only use robux and I am happy to work for it. What’s the scam here?

I am not going to say that they are scammers. If you have anything to prove that, you need to show us.

You need to understand that when people post content here, they are giving you an impression that this content is written by real people.

In addition, Roblox is a legitimate platform. We are not going to say that it is not legal. If we do, we will be in the realm of violating the rules of the forums and we will not get into trouble.

We don’t want to get into trouble.

We are very careful.

Do we commit fraud? Of course not. Do we make illegal transactions? Of course not.

We aren’t going to break any law. We have to stay within the law. We also want to remain non-political. We have to strictly follow the rules of the forums.

As moderators we


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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies.OkMore details


my game crashed after 5 minutes of game, actually i turned the mod’s OFF but i can’t even start the game to make your mod work. can you guys show me a way so i won’t get my game crash?

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