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Let’s Find Out Interesting Facts about Dragon Ball Z

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Let’s Find Out Interesting Facts about Dragon Ball Z

Main Figures Goku’s Successor

Akira Toriyama actually wanted Gohan to be the successor to Goku who died at the end of the Cell arc. Unfortunately fans don’t want this. They think Gohan is too soft and don’t like Goku. Well, Toriyama is back trying to present a new main character for Dragon Ball Z, namely Goten. But just like Gohan, fans are dissatisfied with Goten. Toriyama was forced to continue Goku’s story, even though he actually wanted a new character to replace Goku.

Sadly, despite being one of Dragon Ball’s strongest traits, fans consider Gohan a useless trait. Especially after the Cell period (although Gohan reached a more powerful mystic stage than Buu). Gohan is recognized as Yamcha from Super Saiyan. But it’s not too surprising, seeing Akira Toriyama himself several times showing Gohan’s haircut (even his style) is very similar to Yamcha.

How Old is Guru Roshi

By the time Dragon Ball Z ends, Master Roshi who is an ordinary human is 354 years old. This is because Roshi used to drink the Elixir of Immortality (Fountain of Youth?), which is described in one of the chapters of Dragon Ball manga, ‘Fanning the Flame’. However, that doesn’t mean Master Roshi can’t die. He once died when dealing with King Piccolo.

Super Saiyan Revive

From the 2nd Vegeta that appears on the screen, we come to know the design of Super Saiyan, the level of the Saiyan race whose strength is far beyond the normal level. Throughout the Namek saga, the Super Saiyan form was teased even further, and Vegeta thought he had achieved it because his strength had increased too much.

However, it is only when Son Goku confronts Frieza that his form also first appears, along with his glowing hair. Even those who don’t know much about Dragon Ball Z (DBZ), know about the Super Saiyan form, because it’s so iconic and deeply rooted in pop culture as a whole.

However, there is one thing that most people are not quite right when talking about this form. Many think it’s power, and they’re not totally wrong, without full context, the basic inspiration was that Goku’s hair turned gold and he got stronger, but that’s not true. Reporting from that the Super Saiyan form is actually not a strength enhancer, but a strength multiplier. Both Super Saiyan and later forms act as multipliers to the base Saiyan skill level, meaning that if a Saiyan makes their base form stronger, Super Saiyan makes them stronger.

Inspired by the figure of the Monk Xuanzang

Actually girl nature. Interestingly, he was originally inspired by the character of the monk Xuanzang, the male protagonist in the famous Chinese novel Journey to the West. In Chinese legend, Xuanzang is said to have led a group to search for sacred Buddhist texts. As in the novel, Bulma leads a group consisting of Goku, Yamcha, Oolong, and Paur, who also happen to be inspired by the characters Journey to the West, to search for the Seven Dragon Balls.

Even though Xuanzang is a boy and Bulma is a girl, Akira Toriyama follows the Chinese opera tradition of requiring a girl to play the role of a monk. Toriyama also adapted the designs used in the creation of the Dragon Ball anime.

Strawberry Fan

Bulma also brought her favorite food, namely strawberry. So fond of strawberries, his initial desire to collect Dragon Balls was to ask for a supply of strawberries for the rest of his life. A request that is quite absurd, considering that currently the safety of the world is being threatened. Unfortunately, until now Bulma’s request has not materialized in the anime or manga. In fact, the first thing that came true was Oolong’s wish for girls’ panties. However, given the urgency that is too absolute for the time being, an Oolong request would be far more kind and helpful.

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