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LiteDesign is a handy and easy to use CAD tool for designing stage lighting sets.
LiteDesign is aimed at lighting for theatre productions, but it can be used for almost any type of stage lighting.


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Download ✸✸✸ DOWNLOAD






LiteDesign Crack + PC/Windows (Final 2022)

It’s no secret that a design is the most important component in theater staging. But creating a design can be a time-consuming process. With LiteDesign it is much easier to create both designs for the outdoor and indoor scenery. And it is not only designers who can benefit from LiteDesign.
LiteDesign can easily be used as a reference documentation tool for all kind of stage lamps. It’s even easy to create set information sheets.
LiteDesigns are in some cases represented as vector drawings, where the color scheme can easily be changed.
LiteDesign can be used on both Windows and OSX. There’s a portable version of LiteDesign called LiteDesign Lite as well.

Component Library
LiteDesign provides more than 400 ready-to-use light and mixing components (sets, plugs, fixtures, lenses, cables, etc.) that you can insert into your designs.
Each component has its’ own 3D model, which makes it easy to rotate, spin around, etc.
In the component library you will find a lot of useful components, like:

– Trailers: available for 1 and 2 light fixture, mixing, and gear
– Pivot trailers
– Cable trailers
– Pair trailers
– Faceted trailers
– Fiber trailers
– Blackout trailers
– Piping
– Plugs and sockets 
– Lenses
– Trichromatic fixtures
– Tripods
– Mixing components
– Ceiling fixtures
– Gobos
– Trailers

Here are a few examples:

First example:

Second example:

Third example:

Rotation and X/Y/Z Scale and Rotate operation
(The components have a 3D model with this settings in the graphics editor)

Right-click to rotate the component:

Z-Scale and Rotate (The components have a 3D model with this settings in the graphics editor)

Right-click to

LiteDesign Crack Keygen Download

LiteDesign is the plugin for DStudio Max that offers a luminous and computer-generated sets (CG), and it is mainly targeted towards hobbyists. It is an extension of a software that was created by musician/artist Sylvain Dubuis and was later enhanced by sculpter Michel Laudisoit. This plugin’s strength is that it has better and easy to use interface than other CG plugins available. If you want to use CG, this is the plugin for you. LiteDesign’s interface has practically no learning curve.
There are four inputs: luminous area, luminaire patterns, color charts, material maps. Each of them has its own method for a luminous area.
Luminous area – With the luminous area input, you can place directly the luminaire area that you have placed in DStudio Max in the studio and create new settings for it.
Luminaire patterns – By using this input, you can create luminaire patterns. We can distinguish between a luminaire pattern and a luminaire layout. Luminaire patterns are created with a set of luminaires and the set created by the user. Luminaire patterns have their color coordinated to the luminaire and the set created by the user (areas that are part of the set are not colored). In addition, you can use the Pattern input to create a set of luminaires to display the luminaire pattern.
Color charts – This input allows you to display the color selected in a chart. The idea is that you can specify the desired color with the color chart.
Material maps – This input allows you to create material maps using the material of the set created by you. The map is displayed when you click on the material.
Luminaire patterns – There are a lot of possibilities to create the luminaire pattern.
Luminaire colors – In addition to the color chart, you can specify the same color for the luminaire with the luminaire colors.
RGB amounts – You can use RGB luminance to control the brightness of the luminaire.
RGB gain – You can use RGB luminance to control the RGB gain of the luminaire.
RGB linearity – You can use RGB linearity to control the RGB linearity of the luminaire.

LiteDesign Product Key

LiteDesign is a powerful yet user-friendly computer software, which can do lighting design for stage, set design, lighting fixture design, and much more.
The package contains complete range of typical stage lighting equipment, which can be used for the lighting design of stage and theatre lighting systems, live shows, concerts, big screen productions and indoor sports matches, as well as other professional light design applications.
Included are beam lights, spotlights, globes, pendants, panel mount fixtures, track lights, bars, stands and much more.
LiteDesign is available in a number of system versions.


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What’s New in the LiteDesign?

* Locate your stage, projector and position all elements such as lamps, beams, and other resources, no matter what type of bulbs are used
* Select the resources and immediately see where and how the lighting should be.
* Easily drag and drop all resources, lamps and levels
* Save your design, resize your design, and apply it to any project.
LiteDesign Features:
* Drag and Drop – This application aims to be a quick and easy-to-use drag and drop tool, instead of a traditional design tool. This design tool aims to be the quickest and easiest way to determine the best location for things on stage.
* Scale and Resize – Scale and resize the resources, lamps, and levels through simple drag and drop. The resources will be scaled to fit the designated position. Change the scale by dragging the border.
* Color – You can select and change the colors of the project and the resources. Change the colors with simple drag and drop.
* View – The application has 3 views. The main view, lamp view and the resource view.
* Projection – The projection view is the view that is displayed on the monitor.
* Changing the Scale of Your Projection – The scale for the projector can be changed in the view that is displayed on the monitor. Change the scale by dragging the marker.
* Save Your Project – Save the project after you are finished designing.
* Locate – You can quickly access all your resources, lamps, and levels. You can also edit how the project is set up.
* Locate – You can quickly access all your resources, lamps, and levels. You can also edit how the project is set up.
* Save and Load – Save the project as a.GZ file, or load your project from a.GZ file.
* Show / Hide – Toggle between showing and hiding resources, lamps, and levels.
* Configuration – Change the color of the project, lamp, or level by clicking the change color icon
* Analyze – Find the deepest and the darkest spot of the stage.
* Geometry – Move the brightest lamp down, down, or up, up, or down to the same brightness as the brightest lamp on the side of the stage, or anywhere on the stage.
* Zoom in – Zoom in on the stage to view the smallest details.
* Zoom out – Zoom out from the stage to view the largest details.
* Window – Change the type

System Requirements For LiteDesign:

Macintosh: OS X 10.11 or later (Mac OS X El Capitan).
Windows: PC version of Mac-compatible OS.
Steam, PSN: Play on Windows (or OS X) with a compatible PC. (Both are Mac-compatible, but PC is recommended).
For play on Linux, please see the “support” page.
Minimum recommended specifications:
Macintosh: OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or later.
Windows: PC version of

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