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When technology wasn't as evolved as it is now, writing and storing information about multiple contacts was troublesome and most of the times the sheet of paper was misplaced. We all remember how we used to search for a person using the actual phonebook, which turned out to be time-consuming and hard to handle.
Populate your personal database using an intuitive layout
Now, the Internet is filled with all kinds of tools that can help manage your family, friends and co-workers details much easier. LS Addressbook is a straightforward and user-friendly program designed to help keep track of numerous personal and business phone numbers, addresses, or emails.
In order for the tool to start, it requires .NET Framework to be installed on the hard drive and Internet Explorer to open webpages. It's wrapped in an approachable and tidy interface displaying the records list on the left part of the window and the required data on the right, along with the most used commands at the bottom for quicker access.
Create, organize and handle various records and categories
To add an entry, simply click on the new button and enter the required fields, like full name, different phone numbers, addresses, email, postcode, and optional notes. Unfortunately, you don't have the option to insert a profile image to recognize the person with ease.
It's possible to assign contacts under a particular group (e.g. family, work, friends, customers) that can be created by giving it a name, along with the ability to edit and delete items at any given time. You can sort the entries by first and last name or between oldest to newest. It would've been nice if LS Addressbook came with alphabetical tabs to locate individuals quicker.
Configure the general appearance and back up data
The tool lets you modify the overall fields and text background color, as well as the font type and size. In addition, the database can be exported to XLS and TXT files, and backed up as an MBD type. The search function offers a fast and detailed method of looking up for specific records, by typing in the desired information.
Bottom line
Taking everything into consideration, LS Addressbook is a useful and accessible application that comes in handy when you want to easily insert, organize and manage general and advanced information about diverse persons and back up the database in case you encounter problems.







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1. Do you want to present your friends and acquaintances the way they
deserve to be seen and recognized? You’ll surely want to keep a list of
their contacts and their essential information right on your computer,
and then share it with your family and friends with ease. An innovative
tool called LS Addressbook Cracked Accounts has been created and designed to be a simple
and convenient way to handle your private and business contacts.

2. LS Addressbook 2022 Crack is a solution that keeps you connected with friends and
family members, while helping you present yourself in a better way.
When searching for a person, you can use the built-in search tool that
looks in every field, both traditional and non-traditional, to help you
quickly find the person you are looking for.

3. LS Addressbook Crack comes with a tidy, user-friendly interface that has a
list of entries on the left side, while other pertinent information is
displayed on the right side of the window. It offers a quick access to
the commands used most often, in case you need to get back to working

4. LS Addressbook is able to import data from all standard data
formats, including contacts, addresses, phone numbers, and emails,
while it allows you to save each of these records as a separate file
that is easy to manage and access anytime you need.

5. You can sort the records using different views to group them by
category, then alphabetically, newest to oldest, or you can add your
own preferences to the view.

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LS Addressbook Crack Activation Key Free (Latest)

LS Addressbook Crack is a simple and easy to use utility tool to store contact information like phone numbers, addresses, and emails. It has an advanced and well-structured look and feel that makes using the application a pleasant experience.
The tool comes packed with a lot of features that help the user make the most of it. With this tool, it’s possible to create, organize and manage various types of records like your contact names, addresses, phone numbers and emails. In addition, you can manage them under different groups in order to maintain a better overview and have that single repository.
Enterprise Features:
– Edit and delete records.
– Sort and search.
– Add, update and delete contact groups.
– Backup and import contacts.
– Import, export and sync contacts.
– Create, edit and delete XLS, TXT and MBD file.
– Advanced search and help.
Main Interface:
The interface for the application is clean and easy to understand, with plenty of options at the bottom of the screen for better accessibility. While viewing your contacts list, you can find the options and features as well.
To add a new record, simply click on the plus button and enter the required data. If you decide to use the back button, you can switch to older contacts in the list.
In order to edit a record, simply click on it and edit the required fields. To delete a contact, you can simply click on the trash can icon.
– Registering new users.
– Searching for a contact.
– Sorting and filtering.
– Adding, editing and deleting groups.
– Backing up and importing contacts.
– Exporting XLS and TXT files.
– Syncing contacts.
– Help.
LS Addressbook is a compact and feature-rich tool that allows you to create, sort and manage various types of contacts in the cloud or on your computer.
What’s New in Version 1.0.6 (10/29/18):

Version 1.0.6 is here. We have fixed a few annoying bugs that
were causing LP to crash while editing records. This version includes
even more features as well. It is a must download for anyone who
uses LS Addressbook.

We appreciate any feedback you have about the software. Please
contact us via email.



LS Addressbook 1.0

LS Addressbook Crack Download

LS Addressbook helps to organize and manage contacts in a simple and intuitive manner by providing easy access to the most used fields. The program comes with a user-friendly interface, which provides a clean and attractive view for displaying the necessary data. You can insert, edit, delete and also manage your contact data including phone numbers, addresses, emails, notes, photos and other details at any given time.
This tool will enable you to sort your contacts into different categories, and you can search for the needed data by typing in the required information. It also allows you to make contacts exportable into different formats such as TXT and XLS to help you back up your data in case of an accidental deletion.
What’s New
Version 6.5:
– Improved stability.
Version 6.0.5:
– Improvements for auto address selection and various fixes.
Version 6.0.2:
– Fixed minor issues and improvements.
Version 6.0.1:
– Improved stability.
– Fixed various issues.
– Fixed various minor issues.
Version 6.0.0:
– Added more various and useful features.
Version 5.0.7:
– Fixed various issues.
Version 5.0.6:
– Fixed various minor issues.
Version 5.0.5:
– Fixed various bugs.
Version 5.0.0:
– Additional improvements.
Version 3.8.1:
– Fixed various issues.
Version 3.8:
– Added missing import/export features.
– Added contacts’ view features.
– Added more over-view items.
– Added more categories.
– Added more text formats.
– Added more contact details information.
– Fixed several bugs.
Version 2.7.3:
– Fixed minor issues.
Version 2.7.2:
– Fixed all minor issues.
Version 2.7.1:
– Added a few new features.
Version 2.7:
– Added some new features.
Version 2.6.0:
– Added missing auto-address retrieval feature.
– Added a new import/export option.
Version 2.5.0:
– Added an option to assign a contact with a particular group.
– Added more details on the recorded contacts.
– Added a few features.
Version 2.4.

What’s New In LS Addressbook?

LS Addressbook is a utility that lets you store and organize phone numbers, addresses, and emails.

It’s based on the.NET Framework and requires.NET Framework 3.0, 3.5 or later to run.

Estimated Download time:

1 – 4 hours

Display your family, friends, and co-workers with ease. LS Addressbook is a quick and easy-to-use utility that allows you to store, organize, and manage a database of all your important information from phone numbers to addresses.

Create, organize, and store general and advanced information about numerous people in one place.

LS Addressbook does not just help you store and organize contacts, but it also helps you manage your personal, as well as, business information.

Configure LS Addressbook to your personal preferences:

Control and configure the font, background, and text colors.

Search across your contacts, people, and addresses.

Save, copy, and print your entries as an XLS or TXT file.

It also includes the option to back up your database, which happens automatically if your application crashes.

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