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Nail Care Tips You Can Do at Home

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Nail Care Tips You Can Do at Home

The key to having healthy and shining nails is to do regular maintenance. Maybe you are familiar with the various types of manicure and pedicure that are now available at your favorite nail salon, but apart from getting nail care done at the salon, there are more than one way to do nail care at home, you know.

Caring for nails at home can use tools and simple materials that are easily available. As a result, even if you do it yourself at home, you can always make your nails look healthy and shine. For those of you who want to try protecting your nails at home, here are some tips you can follow!

1. Washing hands together using soap

The simplest thing you can do to protect your nails is to regularly wash your hands with an anti-bacterial soap. By regularly washing our hands, we protect our nails from being infested with bacteria that are a risk to both the nails and the skin. If you are worried that the skin of your hands will become dry due to frequent hand washing with anti-bacterial soap, use hand cream after washing your hands to re-moisturize the skin of your hands.

2. Cutting Nails

We can also cut our nails at home to ensure that our fingers and nails are free of dirt. It is recommended to cut nails regularly 2 times a month after bathing to make it easier to cut. In addition, it is recommended to include nail clippers that are used instead of cutting tools that are used interchangeably with other people. This must be considered to avoid transmission of the risk of bacterial infection, nail fungus and dirt that sticks to it.

3. Drying Nails together the Right Way

After washing your hands and including cutting, don’t forget to re-wash your nails to ensure they are clean. When finished, don’t forget to dry your nails with a clean towel so that water doesn’t make your nails soft and reduce the risk of infection in your fingers or toes.

4. Choose Nail Polish Carefully

Frequently painting nails turns out to include having the risk of making nails more brittle and thinner. Although using nail polish makes your nails look more attractive, there are always risks. As a suggestion, choose a nail polish product that has quality and comes from a trusted brand. In addition, to prevent your nails from getting damaged or brittle, you can use water-based nail polish and use a nail cleanser with a non-acetone dose which can dry nails and reduce shine.

5. Don’t bite your nails

Unknowingly, we often bite our nails. Be careful, biting your nails can transfer bacteria from your nails to your mouth! In addition, the habit of biting nails can damage the base of the nails and cause small injuries to the fingers. Therefore, let’s try to get rid of the normality of biting nails slowly!


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