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Nevitium 1.5.4 Crack Free Download

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Nevitium doesn’t bog you down with excessive features it simply provides the smart intuitive tools that you need to manage your small business. You can create professional invoices and quotes while easily tracking their status and payment history.
Nevitium also provides the essential tools you need to stay on top of your customer and vendor relations including a comprehensive yet simple inventory manager. Nevitium Business Manager may also prove very useful for small wholesalers.







Nevitium 1.5.4 Product Key Full Download [32|64bit]

Nevitium Small Business Manager is the perfect tool to help you manage your personal or business financial information.
This program is a small, user friendly, and easy to use invoicing and management system, that’s built to automatically process all your business transactions, from creation to sending of invoices to your customers and mailings of your own invoices to your vendors.
Nevitium Business Manager is also a great tool for managing inventory and works well as a wholesale and retail inventory tracking, and purchasing application.
Nevitium allows you to set up and maintain a single easy to use database for all of your business transactions.
Nevitium has optional accounting features and is priced to suit your budget.
You can even sell your product invoices with a plugin from Nevitium Business Manager.
Nevitium Features:
Automatically create and send invoices, quotes and mailings on the fly.
Set up and maintain complete sales, expense, inventory, purchase and mailing information in a single database for your company.
Create, send and print outstanding invoices, quotes and mailings.
Grammar and spelling checkers, and automatic address and numbering of your invoices and mailings.
Generate balance sheets, income and expense reports, and profit and loss statements.
Ability to operate under Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.
More importantly, Nevitium Business Manager is easy to learn, easy to use, and highly customisable.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.

Nevitium allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.

Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date and by vendor.
Nevitium Business Manager allows you to manage invoices and expenses by date

Nevitium 1.5.4 Crack

Nevitium Crack Free Download brings you all the features you need in one easy-to-use and easy-to-set up app, for any of your business needs. Business Invoices for iPhone allows you to take control of your business paperwork with just a few taps on the iPhone or iPad screen. Invoices and quotes can be created quickly, easily and efficiently, and your client will receive instant confirmation of what they owe or the estimate they have been given. Manage all of your vendor relationships with Nevitium Crack Free Download! Invoices and Quotes can be created and quickly sent to your customers or vendors. Perfect for small wholesalers who invoice their vendors, Receivables, Payables and Invoices are all included in the Nevitium Bundle. Vendor Payments can be managed easily on the iPhone or iPad and may include options to specify when a payment is expected to be received. It allows you to create payments to your clients. Create a beautiful standing order form. With Nevitium, you can create and print standard “Standing Order” forms and bills!

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Nevitium 1.5.4 Product Key Full Free Download

Server-side scripts are mostly written in PHP, some parts in.NET, JavaScript, ActionScript, and/or some other programming languages.
The Nevitium Server is 100% PHP; Nevitium Business Manager uses the Nevitium PHP module.
The Nevitium Server can make use of the Nevitium PHP plugin.
Client-side scripts are mostly written in JavaScript, with some parts in ActionScript and some other programming languages.
“pagetitle”: “Nevitium”
“breadcrumbs”: [
“#1. Nevitium”,
“License & Site map”,
“mailing list”,
“known errors”,
“data sources”,

What’s New In Nevitium?

Create professional online invoices and estimates
Graph customer & vendor payments
Manage customer & vendor relations
Track financials, cash, etc.
Track sales details
Integrate to fast payments & POS systems
Customize invoices & estimates
Update customer & vendor info
See payment history & trail
Financial reports & reports
Sales stats & graphs
Vendor & customer rep info


Infinite reports

SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2012

Nevitium Description:
Reports & Dashboards
Don’t know how to create a report? Nevitium Reports is the solution. We built Nevitium Reports to give you the power to create reports & dashboards without the headaches. You get a rich feature set & a control panel for creating beautiful reports, reports in a matter of minutes.
A special feature of Nevitium Reports is support for SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2012.

Besides SQL Server Reporting Services there are options to use Microsoft Crystal Reports. Nevitium Reports supports both types.

Nevitium Description:
Export your data to Excel, PDF and all popular formats
Export to many popular websites for invoicing
Set up for bill-drafting or email bill & invoice reminders
Nevitium Data Manager
Admin can manage users & access rights
Credentials management
Import & Export of data in a secure manner
Integration with Invoice & Bill Tools

Nevitium Description:
Extensive customization
Nevitium Business Manager offers an extensive number of powerful and versatile features:
Pre-defined reports & dashboards
Direct integration to several document & spreadsheet formats (i.e. Excel, PDF, Word, Open Office Writer, Lotus, HTML)
Create PDF-reports & dashboards
Manage your customers & vendors
Control access rights for reports
Export data in various standard formats
Various formatting options
Access rights
Manage invoice lines
Access & export filter
Nevitium Description:
What you need is solution which is integrated easily with your business & gives you the power of reporting. Nevitium is an excellent reporting software for small business.

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System Requirements:

Supported Systems:
Minimum System Requirements:
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