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Nitro.PDF.Professional.v7.0.1.5.x64.Cracked-CzW Setup Free ‘LINK’

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Nitro.PDF.Professional.v7.0.1.5.x64.Cracked-CzW Setup Free

My guess is that it’s a fake, yet to be released legit version of NitroPro, hence the author named the version, I guess, to be NitroPro, not NitroPro Professional.
This is the file I download and decompress from that page:


After decompressing, I can see that the payload is:


and the payload has a size of 0.04Mb.
I then decided to download the legit version, so I go to this page, and download this version from the link:


When I decompress it, I see the same payload as before and the actual size (1.14Mb).
From here, I went back to my old page and download the “Pro” version (not the legit one), when decompressing the version I downloaded I see the same size payload as the legit one. If the legit version has a different name for the payload – I may not be surprised.
Since I think there is a relationship between the payload of the “pro” version and the “mysterious” payload of the legit version, I will debug the “legit” version, and see if the payload makes the same, or a similar, request, or is this just a coincidence that the payload is in the same size (which is more than a coincidence, I think).
So, just as a request, if I have time, I’d like you to try download the legit version to see if you get the same payloads or not.


I find the file on this site:
This seems like an fake version of Nitro Pro!
I cannot find anything about this version on the official site.

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Nitro.PDF.Professional.v7.0.1.5.x64.Cracked-CzW Setup Free
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There are two versions of the app: Nitro.PDF.Professional.v7.0.1.5.x64.Cracked-CzW Setup Freeand Nitro.PDF.Professional.v7.0.1.5.x64.Cracked-CzW Setup Free

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