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NoNotifyAvira 3.4.1 Crack Free X64

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NoNotifyAvira is a handy and very easy to use piece of software which aims to offer you the means of getting rid of the splash screen and the update notification from Avira AntiVir, so they can no longer annoy you.
Running notes
The tool is designed for Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate versions of the antivirus, so if you are using others, unfortunately NoNotifyAvira will not be able to help you.
For starters, you will need to disable Avira AntiVir Guard, otherwise the application is not able to work properly. In addition, the executable needs to be launched using your administrator privileges.
Basic yet user-friendly appearance
NoNotifyAvira features an exceedingly simple interface, featuring a white screen in which it lists the available functions and the corresponding command.
The program does not offer any additional functions or components to help you customize the process in any way, meaning that all you can do is enter the proper number and hit 'Enter'.
Get rid of Avira AntiVir’s update ads and splash screen
Subsequent to launching NoNotifyAvira, you will be able to input the command you want to work with, ‘1’ for ‘Run’, ‘2’ for ‘Remove’ and ‘3’ for ‘Exit’, depending on your current preferences.
After pressing the appropriate key, you can hit ‘Enter’ and following a brief moment during which the tool makes the necessary adjustments, you will be informed of the success of the operation. At the same time, the opposite command, which will revert the changes and bring back the update and splash screens, can be run just by pressing the ‘2’ key.
Handy Avira Antivir advertisement remover
To summarize, NoNotifyAvira is a useful albeit basic utility which allows you to remove update and splash screens from Avira Antivir’s Enterprise, Professional and Ultimate editions, sparing you from their annoying occurrence.







NoNotifyAvira Free Download

Avira AntiVir 2.55 Build 14 is safe but Avira AntiVir’s adware features may not be, so read more about Avira AntiVir 2.55 Build 14.

Posted from CDR Systems : Avira Antivir is a popular anti-virus software program. It is very popular in corporate and education network environments. The company that produces Avira Antivir are well informed about the needs of the corporate world and the education industry.

The Avira product is popular because of its excellent protection and easy-to-use interface.
But, Avira’s own anti-virus program, Avira AntiVir, build 14, is not free of adware.
This Avira Antivir comes with a lot of obnoxious adware, and has a set of Internet Explorer’s add-ons, which are so suspicious that the particular adware can reach potentially malware that have already been removed from your PC.
What is AVM adware that can affect Avira AntiVir 2.55 Build 14?

AVM adware is rather an adware which can infect your PC easily and stealthily. It can download several plug-ins from the Web and even attacks your Internet browsers to make sure that this malicious plug-ins can enter into your PC.
Its main function is to display annoying adware that can appear in your browser windows and even in your Internet Explorer add-ons. The appearances of these annoying adware may cause distortion and slow down your computer’s performance, which will be inconvenient for you.
The malicious plug-ins can also change your PC’s configuration to change your homepage and default search engine, and even change the name of your desktop.

Should I worry about Avira AntiVir 2.55 Build 14’s adware?

You can feel free to use Avira AntiVir 2.55 Build 14, as you can get help from our tech support team to remove all the plug-ins and the malicious configurations from your PC.
Even if the plug-ins have already been removed from your PC, the adware can still affect Avira AntiVir 2.55 Build 14. However, as your PC is in a healthy condition, you can get help from our experts to fix the issue with Avira AntiVir


“Avira AntiVir allows you to protect your PC with full protection from viruses, spyware and other malicious software. It can detect and remove malware, and keep your PC safe from viruses. Automatic updates of applications and removal of advertising and other notifications are also available. Your PC will be protected 24/7.”
Requires Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.
NoNotifyAvira Screenshot:

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NoNotifyAvira Crack+ [Latest 2022]

NoNotifyAvira is a useful but simple tool which allows you to remove Avira AntiVir’s update ads and splash screen, preventing the latter from interfering with the regular work of your antivirus.
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What’s New in the NoNotifyAvira?


The free version of NoNotifyAvira is
limiteed to a single startup/shutdown detection,
and does not feature an in-depth
detailed statistics report. It is
better suited for occasional use than
for daily use.How to make it work? Get a medium sized lathe and grind a 1-3/4″ steel ball bearing, preferably an old, well-lubricated one, over the roughness pattern on a disk or this image. Repeat the process over the entire surface of the bearing. Then heat-treat or harden it to make it harder, as brittle objects usually break in brittle fracture mode. This may take a few days.

It is best to make a few, not dozens, then check them in each application for accuracy. (Okay, maybe more than a few but perhaps 7-9 is best.) This will give you something to measure an acceptable grinding pattern, which could be useful in other applications.

Maybe buy a replacement, or a new bearing, to find out if it will run okay with your ball-bearing-on-a-disk method.

Have fun.

If you enjoyed reading about “How to make a bearings for a lathe” here in archive, you’ll LOVE our community. Come join today for the full version!


December 2, 2014, 08:16 PM

It would work. I’d start with old powder coated bearing – you can’t beat the price. Add a ring and a ball-bearing (they are interchangeable). Then see if it works.

The same thing would work on a hydraulic press or similar with a ball-bearing.


December 3, 2014, 11:47 PM

Thanks for the replies, they are appreciated.

I will look to see if I have any old ones around, I may need to give my lathe to a friend who has a hobby woodworking shop.

Jim in VA

January 12, 2015, 07:13 AM

Thanks for the replies, they are appreciated.

I will look to see if I have any old ones around, I may need to give my lathe to a friend who has a hobby woodworking shop.

I don’t know the ball bearing you had (I assumed cast) but if it was any good

System Requirements For NoNotifyAvira:

Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
Dual Core processor 2GHz or better
DX 10.0 or newer
Version 10
Broadband internet connection
Hard Drive:
20 GB available space
Sound Card:
Sound card is not required, but recommended for a good listening experience
Video Card:
Nvidia 8400

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