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Not Only Spaghetti, Let’s Meet All Kinds of Pasta from Italy!

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Not Only Spaghetti, Let’s Meet All Kinds of Pasta from Italy!

Love all kinds of Italian pasta? It turns out that not only spaghetti, macaroni, fettuccine, but also lasagna and other types of pasta that you may not know about. Pasta fans should be happier because now there are more types of pasta available in the market.

Maybe you have ever wondered, why is there so much pasta? Pasta is a staple food in the country, so the combinations of sauces and protein are also numerous. Although different types of pasta can be substituted for one another, different forms of pasta mean a variety of uses. Even for Italians it is sacred to use a specific type of pasta on a particular menu.

Want to know what is currently increasingly being used and some of which are starting to become available in Indonesia? Check out the following variants!

1. Rigatoni

Quoted from porto finoli this type of pasta is the bigger ‘brother’ of penne. The shape resembles a tube with strokes so that the sauce sticks and fills the pasta when you enjoy it. The goal is to make the dining experience more enjoyable.

Interestingly, rigatoni is a pasta that is also very versatile. The advantage was not only used for the usual stir-fried pasta dish, but also for baking. So imagine if the rigatoni is baked with a mixture of four types of cheese (quattro formaggi) or ‘only’ with bolognese sauce. delicious!

2. Capellini or Angel Hair

The shape of this pasta is exactly like spaghetti but has a smaller diameter. That is why it is referred to as Angel Hair or angel hair (capelli d’angelo or capellini). Their smaller size and closer together like hair make the experience of enjoying capellini a sensation of its own.

This pasta is more suitable to be paired with sauces and meat, not to be baked like rigatoni. Ideally, create this pasta menu with a light sauce like tomato or aglio olio. The goal is to make it easy to coat the pasta and not have the pasta fall off when removed with a fork because the sauce is too heavy.

3. Farfalle or Bowtie

This is good news for lovers of all kinds of pasta in Indonesia. Farfalle is now more and more available in the market. Its shape, which resembles a bow tie, makes it also known as a bow tie. The advantage of the farfalle shape is the many angles that the sauce and cheese can “crash” so that the taste is even more delicious.

Then try to get creative with sauces like carbonara, for example, which are so creamy. But don’t get me wrong, farfalle is also suitable as a complement to a salad menu. With slices of cherry tomatoes, red onions, zucchini, and cheese, the farfalle is tasked with completing the delicacy of a refreshing salad!

4. Ravioli

For this type of pasta, it is usually only sold ready-to-cook or must be made fresh from scratch. This is because ravioli is a type of pasta that usually has a filling and must be tightly covered before boiling. But if you have the opportunity to taste or make it, ravioli is one of the most elegant pastas in the Italian culinary world.

The most popular types of filling for ravioli are ricotta cheese and spinach. This pasta is then boiled and served al dente with extra olive oil or a light sauce. Aromatic aroma of spices color this pasta, making it a luxurious dish that is best enjoyed for dinner.

5. Cannelloni

Despite their tube-like shape, cannelloni don’t have streaks like rigatoni or penne. Like lasagna, this type of pasta works best on the grill with tomato sauce, cheese and minced meat. To top it off, the cannelloni are then doused in bechamel sauce before being baked. Enjoyment!

Gratis prijsopgave

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