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Welcome back to the second year of The Adventure League and 2018 – many are celebrating the new and refreshed look of our website! Like many teams, ours have been slogging through the first week of D&D Encounters. We’ve been fighting our first encounter, the Ruins of Mirabar.

The Adventurers had a great day last Saturday; it’s always great to meet new faces!

In order to really understand the character I am playing, I have been playing a few games around the internet. This weekend, I played a Pathfinder campaign over on Cryptozoic and hunted some Giant Spiders with the Paizo team. Let’s take a quick look at how I ended up with my Pathfinder background and some knowledge of giant spider biology!

Just in time for last Saturday’s Pathfinder D&D 5th Edition game at Club Labyrinth, I ran a small adventure where the PCs were tasked with protecting a town from a hoard of Giant Spiders! We played in a local lab on MonsterQuest, which is a podcast dedicated to playing Pathfinder, 5th Edition, and the Pathfinder Adventure Path.

I had no particular intention of creating a YouTube video, but as it turns out, some players were interested in watching my game. Plus, I had the time while my friend was at work, and it seemed like a fun thing to do. I was terrified when they decided to have me film!

Last Saturday, we visited D&D Encounters at the Adventurers League in Seattle, Washington. We played our first D&D game ever on the Dungeon Master’s screen, and also played on our iPads. If you’re curious what the first session of D&D looks like, you can watch it here!

We left our safe house in the city to travel to a more rural farmhouse. The path to the farm was bumpy with a mix of dirt and clay, but it was a smooth ride!

After the adventure, we wanted to do something a bit different, and wanted to try

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Our Company

Alot of the success and emotion we have experienced in life in the past year has been due to the great company we keep at our Thanksgiving Day Live Auction. From our friends at the YOGA Center for Fun & Learning, to our friends at The YMCA of Northwest Indiana, we have received great pricing and great service and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and customers for being a part of making our experience amazing.

Good Times! Happy Hour!

Let’s party!

The fun begins at 5:30pm EST (1:30pm PST) Thursday, November 22.

Check out the web site for details!

On the web site you

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Common Infections in Infants and Young Children: A Summary

This article reviews common bacterial infections in infants and young children, and focuses on the key aspects of clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention.


One of the most common infections in infants and young children is Group B streptococcal (GBS) disease, a serious bacterial infection that can cause life-threatening conditions, including pneumonia, sepsis, and meningitis.1,2 Group B streptococci (GBS) are gram-positive cocci that are ubiquitous in the human and animal environment.1-4 In some epidemiologic settings, particularly in regions without routine newborn screening for GBS, the incidence of GBS neonatal sepsis can be as high as 12% to 15%,2 and the incidence of asymptomatic colonization is highest in infants from 6- to 24-months of age.3,4

A variety of risk factors have been associated with the development of GBS disease in infants and young children.1-7 GBS colonizes the gastrointestinal (GI) tract of up to 40% of newborns and up to 10% of adults.1,8 Many strains of GBS have a cell wall polysaccharide, termed polyribosylribitol phosphate (PRP), that is not present in humans, but a small number of GBS strains are PRP-positive, and these are the ones responsible for causing invasive GBS disease in infants and young children.9-14 In North America, the prevalence of PRP-positive GBS disease is approximately 2% of GBS colonizing infants and young children.9 The incidence of invasive GBS disease in infants and young children has been steadily decreasing, particularly over the last decade, and these trends are attributed to the widespread use of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis (IAP) for the prevention of early-onset GBS sepsis.15,16 However, the increased availability of GBS polysaccharide IAP to pregnant women, who are at high risk of GBS infection, has not resulted in a similar decrease in early-onset GBS disease among infants and children.17

The most serious forms of GBS disease in infants and young children are

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