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Opening Hours Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia

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Opening Hours Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia

For those of you who are curious about what time Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia (click here) opens, which is open from 11.00 to 21.00. Open every day from Monday to Sunday, you can come anytime. Visitors are dominated by Mall customers who are tired after shopping, then stop by the restaurant for lunch or dinner time.


Hiro Grand Indonesia Sushi Restaurant certainly has its own characteristics that are different from the others. Its location in a mall makes this Japanese restaurant look less spacious and minimalist.

The concept of this Sushi restaurant takes the style of a clean, simple, and classic Japanese Restaurant like Japanese homes in general. However, this restaurant is more modernly packaged with modern ornaments that make it look so beautiful.

The appearance of the room is indeed very distinctive like other Bait and Hook NY branches. This becomes the main icon that can captivate the hearts of visitors to come to the restaurant.

The indoor area is decorated with tropical ornaments such as potted leaves and green trees, there are also some interesting unique bonsai. In addition, there is a uniqueness that is an attraction for visitors, namely the sky roof is decorated with a bed of ornamental white flowers.

It looks so beautiful and charming as well as a very aesthetic photo spot. Not forgetting also the decorative lights and various other unique displays that color the room in the restaurant.


Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia has facilities such as a parking lot under the mall, free wifi, clean toilets, and dining tables and chairs. This restaurant only has a small size and not so big, but capable

Equipped with relaxing music that will accompany your meal time more enjoyable. The arrangement of the room looks so neat, even though the table and chairs are quite close together but not so disturbing.

Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia which floor? Located on the 3A Skybridge Store floor. There are many Bait and Hook NY Grand Indonesia promos and attractive offers such as discounts of up to Rp. 250,000.

This promo is only valid from Monday-Wednesday with a special BCA credit card payment system. There are also attractive vouchers worth Rp. 2,500,000 for 10 lucky people, make sure you become one of them.

Gratis prijsopgave

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