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pdScript IDE was created as a professional and advanced development environment for writing and designing forms (GUI) in a Pascal Script language.
pdScript IDE can also be used as a standalone editor of scripts, that are designed for any product that relies on “RemObjects Pascal Script engine” (its use is not limited to pdScript interpreter).
The application was specially built to facilitate event assignment and form design. Moreover, pdScript IDE can also be used as a standalone editor of VCL forms.
The portable version of the software can be found here.







PdScript IDE 2.5.6 Activation Key Free [32|64bit]

pdScript IDE is a professional IDE (Integrated development environment) for the pdScript interpreted programming language.
pdScript IDE includes an integrated Pascal Script IDE with a full support of the Pascal Script features.
pdScript IDE offers all the tools that a Pascal Script programmer needs for writing and designing the forms of cross-platform applications based on the “RemObjects Pascal Script Engine”. The IDE offers a full set of pdScript language tools, editors, utilities for working with forms and windows, together with a powerful graphical designer.

Installation is easily achieved by using an installer provided with the software. The online installer is also compatible with Cygwin.

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PdScript IDE homepage

Category:Programming tools for Windows
Category:Pascal programming language familyQ:

Confusion of basic C++ concepts

I have a very basic question about c++. Let’s say I have a class with multiple members and I instantiate them in two different ways :
1)class member 1, 2 members
class my_class
string m1;
string m2;
int a;

int main()
my_class m1, m2, m3;
my_class m1, m2(m3), m3;

return 0;

2)class member 1, 1 member
class my_class
string m1;

int main()
my_class m1, m2;
my_class m1(m2), m2;

return 0;

As you can see, I am declaring two same variables without using the constructor. And somehow the first example was producing a warning : Constructor not called for class’my_class’
And to be honest, I didn’t understand that much about c++. So I thought:

1) Since the first example is using more than one member I shouldn’t use two variables with the same name right?
2) If I am declaring two variables with the same name,

PdScript IDE 2.5.6 (Final 2022)

A professional Pascal Script IDE
Development/Documentation system
Form Designer: Design forms via a GUI interface
VCL-Forms Editor: Create event-aware VCL forms
PCL-Forms Editor: Create event-aware VCL or Pascal Script forms
Independent editor of VCL forms (with code completion, code validation, integration with IDE parsers)
Editor that deals with visual components of VCL forms (Tables, Treeviews, etc.)
Fully integrated debugging system (PE DBG)
Fully integrated IDE parser (PE KUP)
Turbo Pascal (with a subset of Standard Pascal)
WYSIWYG interface
Source map editor
Code completion in IDEs
Reusable components
XP/Vista/7 Support
Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 Support
MSDOS Compatible
Forms Designer in Forms Designer IDE
Debugger for Forms Designer IDE
Form Designer in Forms Designer PE
PCL Forms Designer in Forms Designer PE
Debugger for Forms Designer PE
Forms Designer in Forms Designer GUI
Form Designer in Forms Designer PE GUI
Forms Designer in Forms Designer GUI
Debugger for Forms Designer GUI
Aync Pascal SCode IDE in Forms Designer GUI
Form Designer in Forms Designer GUI
IDE/Debugger in Forms Designer GUI
Support for Windows 64-bit


External links
Official Homepage

Category:Pascal programming language family
Category:Integrated development environmentspackage com.jerey.keepgank.api.model;

import lombok.Data;

* Created by huang on 2017/7/20.
public class UserInfo {
private String id;
private String nick;
private String head;
private String sign;
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Kolkata: The Assam police have

PdScript IDE 2.5.6

* PDScript IDE is an IDE dedicated to form designing.
* It includes a Pascal Script Editor (built-in), Gantt Chart, Report and PowerView components.
* It supports code completion, outline view and code folding, source management…

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You can use the board randomly to win.
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There are more than 100 items in the game, and you can earn more by upgrading your car.

You are a spaceship and you are not a god. You need to explore the galaxy and you should survive the journey. Your spaceship is mostly mechanical but you have a piece of a soul which allows you to become more powerful.
Your goal is to collect as many power-ups as you can so that you can reach the next level. Be careful with the gravitational forces that you have to fight against.
Take care of the maintenance of your ship and try not to crash with other things.
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What’s New In?

Interactive IDE for writing and designing Pascal Script (MSDOS)

Multiplatform (Embedded, Windows, Linux, Mac)

Interactive interpreter

Displays tooltip messages

Native Windows and Linux modes

No need to compile script files (runs directly)

Runs independently of the application that uses it

Suite of tools, utilities and controls

Real-time development and debugging

Typing, spell checking, and error detection

All sorts of cross-references

Source-code browser


Search and replace

Languages: C, C++, C#, Delphi, Embedded Basic, Perl, PHP, Python, Java, and others

Integrated tools for Pascal and script development: compiler, debuggers, compilers for native languages, assemblers and linkers

Standard Pascal language with extensions

Extended work with databases, file I/O and networking


Reference manual

User manual

PDF documentation with screenshots

pdScript IDE is Copyright (C) 1998-2003, RemObjects Software Ltd.
pdScript IDE is based on the RemObjects Pascal IDE 5.x series and is distributed
under GNU General Public License version 2.0 or later.
This product includes the pdScript IDE product (reference manual), pdScript IDE version 2.5.0 (user manual) and the source code to it.
The user manual is distributed under GNU General Public License version 2.0 or later.

pdScript IDE is not a product of the RemObjects Software Pty Ltd.
It is a product developed by “pdScript IDE Support Team” and is not affiliated with it in any way.
Copyright and commercial use rights are reserved.
It is distributed free of charge with a limited warranty of use for the purpose of interpretation, support, modification and updating.

How can I speed up this code in C?

I have a data set with about 16 million points. I perform a random forest with about 10 trees. Most of the time it finishes in under a second but occasionally it takes up to ten seconds. The code I’m using is:

System Requirements For PdScript IDE:

OS: OS X 10.9.x
Processor: 2.8 GHz Intel Core i5
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4400
Storage: 12 GB free disk space
Sound Card: Windows only – HDMI connected with 5.1 surround sound (High Definition Audio Output)
DVD or Blu-ray Disc drive
Memory: 16 GB

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