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Ps2 Taiko No Tatsujin 7 Torrent

Taiko noTatsujin/Drum Master 7 PlayStation 2 in Adventure Mode(Wakuwaku Bouken Land/Exciting . The Land Of Warriors) Year: 2005 Genre: Action-Adventure Kadokawa Games Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment CD-ROM: ISO Region: NTSC Multiplayer: No Language: RUS/ENG(voice+text) Media: DVD Age: M – 17+ Description: This is perhaps the most unusual game on the PlayStation 2 It is made in the genre of adventure with elements of role-playing action and RPG.
The plot of the game tells that aliens come to the world inhabited by people to learn the secrets of ancient technologies.

Ico received critical acclaim, with praise for its exploration of themes, gameplay, and musical score. Japanese magazine Famitsu awarded the game a 32 out of 40 possible score, in addition to praise of the soundtrack and art design, stating that the game “is unquestionably the best game that has been released”. The game would be awarded a “Great Award” at the Game Developer’s Conference in 2001.

Ico received critical acclaim upon its release, with many reviewers giving the game high scores. RPGamer, the PlayStation UK website, felt that the game was “beautifully realised on the PlayStation”, and said that the music was “pleasing”. IGN gave the game a score of 8.9 out of 10, praising the unique atmosphere and puzzle design.

The game’s soundtrack was heavily praised, with many reviewers considering it to be one of the best game soundtracks of its time. IGN said that “Ico feels like a piece of music”, while the Village Voice called the soundtrack “lovely” and “stunning”. GameSpy said that the music was “relentless” and “pure magic”. PlayStation: The Official Magazine praised the soundtrack, calling it “pretty catchy, and remarkably multi-layered”. The AI War Initiative, a website dedicated to artificial intelligence, called the soundtrack “expertly done”, and that it was “so good that it sounds like three different people”. They also said that it was “quite simply one of the most impressive achievements by a video game soundtrack.”

It was also praised for its innovative design. Martin LaMonica of IGN said that “Ico is the first game to truly deliver a rich, multidimensional world in a beautiful graphical package”. Games Press said that the game made the “design of 2D worlds a new canvas, giving players a sense of scale previously beyond its reach.” Next Generation praised the user interface as “terrific”, and the use of the PlayStation’s controller. They said “It’s been more than 10 years since Ico went on sale and is still one of the most compelling first-person action games to be released.”

The game won several awards and accolades. The game was nominated for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ 2000 Video Game of the Year and Game of the Year awards, as well as receiving a Golden Joystick for Best Strategy Game. The game won IGN’s Reader’s Choice award for Best Game of All Time, and was named the fifth-best game

Gratis prijsopgave

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