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Recommendations for Indonesian Horror Films that are Severely Scary

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Recommendations for Indonesian Horror Films that are Severely Scary


Currently, Indonesia has become eyed as one of the countries that produce the best horror films. There’s even been a local horror film whose sales have outperformed Hollywood films in the country! If you are interested in challenging your guts, try checking out the next guide to Indonesian horror films from IDN Times. Don’t watch it alone!

1. Before the Devil Picks Up

Starring two charming artists, Chelsea Islan and Pevita Pearce, this film can make the audience very tense. Aired on th. In 2018, Before the Devil Picked Up was directed by Timo Tjahjanto. You can access this film on Netflix, you know!

2. Before the Devil Picks Up Verse 2

Not quite the same as the first film, Before the Devil Picks up Verse 2 is a follow-up story to the original film, which surpassed one million viewers. Still starring Chelsea Islan, this film is perfect for those of you who can stand tense situations. Recommended!

3. Enter 2

Control th. 2020 with the horror film, Rasuk 2 was released on January 2. This film, starring Nikita Willy, tells her story as a medical student who sees a ghost who is the subject of her autopsy. This 95-minute film is pretty thrilling!

4. The Doll 2

This Indonesian horror film was released on July 20, 2017. Translucent 1 million viewers, this film stars top Indonesian artists, Herjunot Ali and Luna Maya. You can enjoy the film that tells about the spirit inside the doll on Netflix, you know!

5. Inner Eyes

This Indonesian horror film has surpassed 1 million viewers, you know! This film tells about Alia, played by Jessica Mila, whose inner eye is opened. Finally, Alia can see the ‘people’ who ask her for help. You can enjoy this successful film by Rocky Soraya on Netflix.

6. Inner Eyes 2

Still directed by Rocky Soraya, Mata Batin released its second film in 2019. This film continues the story of Jessica Mila, who eventually continues her new life and lives in an orphanage. It’s surprising, you can’t watch it alone!

7. Dara’s House

Rumah Dara is an Indonesian slasher horror film which was released on January 22, 2010. This film stars Shareefa Daanish and Julie Estelle as the main characters. The film Rumah Dara tells the story of a group of young people who are trapped in the residence of a mysterious killer named ‘Dara’. Completely successful, this film won the Best Indonesian Film at the Jakarta International Film Festival in th. 2010.

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