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This is the “vintage” music of the last century, a music with instruments like the one I used to play and with composers like the one I used to practice. The music is my…

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The Five Best Places To Find The Perfect Wedding Dress (That’s Cheap)
Fab wedding dress.
A bride’s wedding dress is one of the most important decisions she’s going to make, so there’s no shame in searching the web…

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Famous Women Smoking Cigarettes
Women and Smoking
Amber Roscollins has also been smoking for years.
5 Minute Read
Famous Women
5 Minute Read
Famous Women Smoking Cigarettes Women and Smoking
Tobacco and medicine…

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Famous Sports Cars Of The Last 50 Years
Favorite cars of last 50 years
A lot has been said about what cars make good sports cars and there is no exact definition of a sports car. Wh…

By – Illiad
Mind Hacks : Your ‘always-on’ robotic assistant, designed to support your busy life. Featuring hundreds of integrations and shortcuts, plus Google Assistant chat support.
A human assistant will accompany me all the way, always ready to…

5 Minute Read
How To Get Personal Finance In Your 20s
What the best way to save and get more in your 20s is
6 Minute Read
How To Get Personal Finan…

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How To Turn Any Physical Object Into an App
Turning any physical object into an app is a hot trend right now. When it comes to technology, it’s the perfect alternative to the well-known app. The most effective way t…

No visit by NASA’s new robotic probe, the Mars 2020

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