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South Korean Traditional Food

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South Korean Traditional Food


The typical Korean food that is very well known to the world is kimchi. Kimchi is one of the must-have complementary foods when eating. Almost all Korean food will be enjoyed with kimchi.
Kimchi is fermented vegetables. Generally, kimchi is orange to reddish in color. This food is already very popular in Indonesia, even the world. Generally, kimchi is made from chicory. The chicory will be fermented using a special Korean seasoning, namely gochujang. The time to ferment this kimchi is about one week.

However, there are also several variants that can be consumed immediately after being processed. For Korean people, kimchi is a side dish that must be present in almost all daily meals. Kimchi goes well with rice, noodles and even meat.


The next typical Korean food is japchae. Japchae is a food in the form of a stir fry which is generally consumed with rice. Besides kimchi, japchae is also one of the foods that are often found in Korean people’s side dishes.

Japchae is Korean vermicelli or vermicelli which is stir-fried with a mixture of vegetables and meat. The meat most often used in making japchae is beef. All of these ingredients will be sautéed in sesame oil and seasoned with spices. Generally, japchae is used as a side dish for big events. Apparently this food has a long history. Japchae is a typical Korean food that has existed since the 17th century, to be precise since the Joseon Dynasty.


For this type of Korean food, not everyone can eat it. There are even some Koreans who claim they can’t eat it either. Sannakji is a food made from live octopuses eaten with oil or sesame seeds. Reporting from when you eat it, the octopus that has been served in the form of these pieces will feel squirming on your tongue, so that’s why not everyone can eat it.


You must have seen this typical Korean food often. So popular that there is this jjajangmyeon also served as an instant food. The most distinctive thing about this Korean food is the black soy sauce which makes this one noodle black.

You need to mix the noodles with the black soy sauce so that it blends perfectly. It also contains several kinds of vegetables and meat. This food is highly recommended for those of you who come to Korea.


This is the typical halal culinary from South Korea that is most targeted by Korean drama fans, yes, tteokboki! This spicy and delicious preparation is made from rice cakes or tteok and is cooked using a special South Korean chili sauce called gochujjang. To make it more savory, this tteokboki is cooked with anchovy broth. Added with pieces of odeng or fish cakes, vegetables, and boiled eggs, tteokboki is one of South Korea’s most famous roadside snacks that are also often sought after!

Miyeok Guk

Miyeok woof in Indonesian means seaweed soup. This soup is a soup containing seaweed and meat or chicken stock. It also contains a variety of very unique spices. If in South Korea, this seaweed soup is usually served for people who are having a birthday with the hope that the birthday person can live a long life. This soup is very delicious eaten in the morning. Because it is usually home-cooked food, even in Korea there are rarely restaurants that serve this Korean food menu.


Ramyeon is actually an instant noodle from Korea, but Korean instant noodles are different from those in Indonesia. This ramyeon tends to have a thicker texture and the seasoning when mixed with boiling water will taste thicker. As for the taste, it is usually spicier and has a variety of flavors. If you look at various Korean television shows, this food is often served hot in the pot. There are also many ramyeon mixed with other Korean food.

Gratis prijsopgave

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