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Tasty and Economical, These 5 Fast Food Restaurants from Asia Have Thousands of Outlets

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Tasty and Economical, These 5 Fast Food Restaurants from Asia Have Thousands of Outlets

In this modern era, eating at fast food restaurants has become a common way of life. At first, this culture was associated more with Americans who liked cheap and fast food. But now, many Asian people are adapting this lifestyle.

With many Asian people liking fast food, fast food restaurants from Asia are also starting to reap success.

The following are fast food restaurants from Asia with thousands of outlets. Some of them already have branches in America and Europe. Come on, check the list according to

1. Yoshinoya

The name Yoshinoya must be familiar to your ears. This restaurant can be found in big cities in Indonesia. Of course, this restaurant is also easy to find in other countries. In fact, Yoshinoya already operates 3,000 outlets in various countries!

Yoshinoya provides a menu of gyudon or rice in a bowl topped with beef. Delicious taste and affordable prices are the keys to the success of this restaurant from Sakura Country.

2. Sukiya

Another fast food restaurant from Japan which is a worldwide success. Sukiya now has 2,400 outlets throughout Asia, Mexico and Brazil. In Indonesia alone, this restaurant can only be found in Jakarta.

Just like Yoshinoya, the main menu that you can order at Sukiya is gyudon. You can choose the topping according to your taste.

3. Dicos

Even though it hasn’t opened branches in other countries, Dicos’ popularity in China doesn’t need to be questioned anymore. This restaurant has more than 2000 outlets spread throughout the country.

Dicos knows the menu and flavors that most people like. They serve crispy and savory fried chicken, French fries, hamburgers, coffee and soft drinks.

4. Pelicana Chicken

Since its establishment in 1982, this South Korean restaurant has expanded its business to 8 countries, including the United States. Currently Pelicana Chicken has opened 2,000 restaurant branches.

Here you can enjoy authentic Korean fried chicken dishes. The texture is soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside. You can also choose various sauces as a companion, from sweet spicy sauce to soy sauce sauce.

5. Jollibee

If you’ve ever been to the Philippines, you’ve probably seen this restaurant everywhere. Jollibee’s success in its home country is unquestionable. Now, Jollibee is expanding their market to other countries.

Unmitigated, currently there are 1,400 branches spread across Asia, America and Europe. This restaurant is known for its savory, sweet, cheesy spaghetti. Their fried chicken and hamburgers are just as popular!

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