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WSPR Crack

WSPR is used for testing high-gain, 2-4 kHz radio. It attempts to measure the received signal strength/Gain, actually producing an output voltage which indicates received signal strength based on the transmitted data.  Its primary purpose is to help determine the operating distance of the radio. It may be used for detecting high gain spot signals as well.
Download the user manual at:

WSPR user manual:

WSPR Changelog
Version 0.4:
WSPR now has support for frequency detection! It can now be used as a spot detector. The user must manually read the output from the display when the radio is receiving a signal on a channel. The x-axis represents the frequency range of the receive band, while the y-axis represents the received signal strength. From there, the user can choose a channel with a suspected signal and WSPR will confirm this signal if it is indeed present. WSPR will also determine the approximate frequency of the signal.
Version 0.2:
The y-axis of the display now shows dBm, or decibels over the milliwatts of reference.
Version 0.1:
For the first release, this application allows for X-Y coordinate output, meaning it will display the received signal strength in decibels on the y-axis and in terms of frequency on the x-axis. Further work is being done to properly parse the x and y coordinates into a time stamp.


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WSPR Activation Code

WSPR is a portable software program for Windows that emulates a small radio. It tests the performance of radio links, and works with them as if they were a real RF station. It also uses noise to detect an amplifier, and can also display the noise of various amplifiers. It can then be used to place many different radios in an easily-created diplexer.

Detects antenna and radio problems with reliable digital signal quality measurements.
Distance to transmission and receives is shown on screen
Designed for portable use.
Built-in ambient noise level meter and noise target
Differentiates weak signals from noise and fades
Easy switching between channels
Detects FM, AM, and other low frequency radios in addition to MW
Graphing of signal strengths
Manual or automatically measured signal strength
Faint signals can be heard
Compatible with many commonly used Windows soundcards
3 different audio inputs:
Analog line out, internal mic, or line in
Analog line out, line in, or mic
Analog line out, line in, mic, and line-out output
Thresholdable filters, weak signal displays, and speedometer
Supports mono or stereo input
Many different target noise levels to test an amplifier
Compatible with extremely weak signals such as single sideband RF
Using only 1.4k, it can test the performance of both the radio and the antenna
Designed to work from the DOS prompt (as a batch file) and is ready to run from any Windows install
Based on WSPR RX 2.01 by DK:CYBERNET (now with optional logging of signals)

WSPR also has the ability to simulate a spectrum analyzer.

First published in July 1999, WSPR has a research license from Radio-Electronics, Ltd. for commercial distribution.


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WSPR Crack+ Free Download

WSPR has been developed to be a practical tool in the radio amateur’s kit for audible detection and reception of weak signals of both short and long wave length.

WSPR has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the mobile radio amateur (MRA) and the portable radio amateur (PRO) alike. In the field, many times, users may be in places where their radio signals are not the strongest (meaning they are not on the air and the strength of the signal is weak). The ability to receive a signal while one is in these conditions is extremely helpful as it is then possible to troubleshoot small problems at a time when the signals are strong instead of waiting until a small signal cannot be heard.

Additionally WSPR has been designed to be user-friendly as it has a simple design and allows the user to make all the necessary adjustments simply by touching the various functions to make the appropriate adjustments. There are numerous options and parameters which make WSPR more powerful than most other radios, and can be seen as the digital clone of the famous SDR-1000. However one must take into account that WSPR is a very small program with a simple design, running on a 16Mhz microcontroller, so unlike the well-known SDR it doesn’t have many parameters to tweak (just 6 adjustable parameters).

WSPR supports the following radio modes:

The software supports digital demodulation of AM, FM, shortwave, sub-band and baseband and frequency modulation (also used for amateur long wave and medium wave reception).

The software also implements simple built-in DSP calculations (Hamming windowing, RMS calculation, peak detection, etc.)

The software has two modes of operation:
.Idle – the receiver is turned off and the software waits for the user to press a button or touch a function, then the software will start its receiving. The software will automatically switch between receiving and transmitting (if configured) and will stop receiving if the user will touch a function. The software will also provide a steady, constant ‘click’ while it is waiting for a user to touch a function.
.Receive – the software will automatically turn on and wait for the user to press a button or touch a function. After a few seconds the software will stop receiving and the receiving frequency will be automatically switched to the transmitting frequency which is set to 30 kHz higher than the receiving frequency (the software will not accept a frequency below 300 KHz

What’s New In WSPR?

WSPR is a simple, lightweight program that allows a receiver to propagate an extremely weak signal to a distance. It uses a digital mode that is usable with non-standard audio hardware. Thus, even cheap sound cards can be used. 

WSPR can be considered an add-on component to a radio operating in RTTY, another form of WSPR or digital mode. 


Output power is adjustable between 0 dBm and 20 dBm. Transmitting power is limited to approximately 0 dBm.  WSPR will stop outputting if the receive power cannot be matched. 
No listening required.

WSPR is not suitable for anyone trying to solve DX without a scanner.

The program also supports USB output for remote use. 

See also: RF Engineering for WSPR in Digital Mode


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System Requirements:

You are going to need the following in order to play the game.
-Windows 10 (64-bit)
-CPU: Intel i5 2.2 GHz or higher
-RAM: 8 GB or higher
-DirectX: Version 11
-Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 7600 or higher, AMD Radeon 7870 or higher
-HDD: 40 GB free space
-Steam: activated
Patch Notes:
-Fixed the crash issue in the “

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